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What would you do if you witness such a situation as revealed by the video footage below??? Would you give a helping hand?

A surveillance camera captured some images featuring the 2-year-old toddler Yue Yue, apparently being hit and run over twice by cars in a narrow street from the city of Foshan, China. The shocking video ignited outcry over the web.

Chinese toddler Yue Yue, two, in intensive care but fighting for her life after being hit, crushed by cars. Credit: China Photo Press

What stunned the worldwide media is not only the cruelty of the drivers who steered their vehicles over the little girl but also the ignorance of the passers-by. Apparently at least 18 people walked nearby without even taking a look at the little body lying down on the street.

But do not worry, the bystander effect was not invented in China, there are plenty of similar examples that occurred in other countries. According to experimental research, as the number of bystanders increases, the odds of a particular bystander to help gets lower. Therefore if unfortunately find yourself as a victim of such a case, obviously you do not wish the crowd to gather around you.

Little Yue Yue started to feel her arms and take short breaths helped by respirator device.

The accident occurred on a street from Guangzhou province, Foshan city. The video that was posted on Youtube and taken over by news outlets, unveils an unthinkable chain of events: the baby is hit by the front side of a car, then the driver apparently shows intention of stopping but he changes mind and goes on by running also with the backwheels over the child. Subsequently dozens people walk around the area like nothing happened, then a second car seems to run over the toddler. Later a woman tries to remove the lying body and finally the mother comes and picks up her kid who was rushed to the hospital.

According to some initial unverified sources the kid had allegedly died, however China Daily revealed that little girl Yue Yue is still fighting for her life. She is in coma but apparently re-gained some feelings into her arms and the ability to take weak breaths (that’s an optimistic news of recovery). The father depicted what one of the drivers (who have been arrested) told him: “All he asked was my bank account and how much compensation I want”. So, the life can be easily bought nowadays. Read more exciting stories on the News Blog.

Video: Hit-and-run China incident sparks worldwide outrage



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  1. Chinese are not humans , careless, heartless, ignorant ants. They work hard, greedy for money but do not care about human life. Billions of them, who cares about one little girl quizzed like a bug on the street. Terrible, if they do not care about own little girl, you can imagine what they can do with your children.

    • usually such situations should not be generalized but this incident really shocked the viewers:(


      • BTW.. hope all China read my post.. ! would be so ashamed if this was from norway! hope u all rotten

        • poor poor girl 🙁

        • No country is exempt from inhumanity. Consider sex slavery & human trafficking. As some may know, 80% of people trafficked are women & 50% are minors which means the majority is young girls. This happens profusely throughout SE Asia (including the Philippines), Eastern Europe, Haiti, India, Dominican Republic, Mexico, & RIGHT HERE IN THE U.S.

    • You are just straight up generalizing all Chinese people and that’s not right. Just like how some ignorant Americans assume all Muslims or Middle Eastern people are the same and are considered terrorists. Yes, this scenario was horrible and inhumane but there is no need to generalize the whole race. If you haven’t notice, there are more shady business out there that we DO NOT SEE or HEAR about.

      • this shit happens all over the orient…in Korea..dead people will lay in the street and people walk over them
        same in vietnam and china…so get off your high horse and accept the facts…
        Stop being a self righteous pompus bitch…you must be british..you think your country is so fucking great…but your just as bad as everyone else..

        • Devlin you’re clearly fucking retarded so nobody who had half a sense would take you seriously.

          Yes this happens all over asia but it doesn’t just happen in the countries you named, it happens in south africa, africa, india etc. You obviously don’t know all the facts.

          Also, you’re comment that ‘you must be British’ is just plain racist and it’s disgusting. You think it’s okay to judge another nation like that? Grow the hell up. Stupid kid.

        • I read and hear this on our daily news…..hit and run drivers run amok in California, but probably everywhere in America. I never ever saw this until probably 10 years ago, and it’s like it caught on. It is appalling how caloused people in general are now. It is all about ‘me,me, me’. If someone gets in their way, too bad! Very sad statement on today’s society, EVERYWHERE around the world.

      • F*****G sick ppl.. says much about china! 1 or two could happen in any given country if coincidence struck bad, but 18!! jeeeez.. and these are the ones that are the most of.. god help!

      • And how on earth can u call it generalizing?? 1 of 19 stopped to help! dumbass

        • Look “Dumbass,” I spent 20 years as a fatal crash investigator, in the USA, and I’ve lost count of the number of horrible events I responded to where AMERICAN citizens simply walked on by. This kind of event is not a Chinese event you morons. Pull your heads out of dark hole and look around you. How many times have you witnessed an event and choose “Not to get involved?” I beat you all have “walked away” from dozen of events.

      • a van hit her then ran her over again another van ran over her feet,17 people walked by looked at her and walked on several veicles drove around her 1 person on a scooter stopped looked and drove a way.a trash collector picked her up and moved her to the side of the road and layed her with the trash,i don,t care what nationality ,what color ,what country a person comes from, any one ,and i mean any one who can do this to a child to any human being any creature does not deserve even the the spit from my mouth,
        you may find this as a racial,a caulture call or what ever, the people that did this to this baby does not deserve to live .this is devil people .uncaring,uncivilised ,inhuman pieces of shit.

    • This is the type of country and people that we’re losing our jobs to. We have to stop exporting our jobs to countries like this.

    • I understand your furious reaction. However, when you say “chinese” I assumed you say all chinese. I do not agree with you on this part, I am also born into this world as a chinese, but after I saw this footage I had the same reaction as you, but I do not respond to this situation as to blame it on all chinese.

      • nobody assumed all ~2 billion chinese, howevere the number of people ignoring the girl was pretty high (18) and the world appearantly reacted harsh. On another way, the bystander effect is all over BUT still,,how is possible to see a little baby lying almost dead and not even spend a little time around,,at least by “curiousity”. in the video people seem on the rush and very preocupied with their daily business (this situation is less likely to be seen in a civilized country)…And to run over also with the backwheels,,,that is incredible stupid and there is no excuse, so it looks like many chinese are placed in same pot…

          If you don’t know Asians so well, than dont bother to call them heartless, careless, ignorant people. Cause sadly american are no better than Chinese people and if you haven’t notice you could be calling youselfs heartless, careless, ignorant people cause in one way or the other Asians are human and you people are too. Also, i have seen many races wanting to be friends with Asians and, you people should be ashamed of yourself for using slavery in the past. Lastly, just because those 18 Asian people ignored the little girl doesn’t mean that every Asian population are all like that and if you haven’t realized that every person has their own personality than you people must be to stupid to realize it!

    • Its vile. Yet they want to rule the world. They got Hongkong, forced Tibet to submission, threatening Taiwan, bullying Philippines and dont want interference from other countries. Supported the war in Vietnam, including trouble in Nepal and Bhutan.

    • Thou I am a Chinese ,but I agree with you …..
      The people in the country are so pityingly ….
      In the past many years ,the Communist Party killed so many people who have the moral and have different mind with the Party ,so now ,In China,the is no one have their own mind .For if the have ,the Party will come…..
      And no one can do the education for all the people .
      The next is I post in the google plus which strict by the Party
      So pity the 2 years old girl !so apathy our Chinese !
      What is wrong about our Chinese?
      What is wrong about this generation?
      What is we are looking for ?
      Where is our humane nature?
      This day which hit our heart was a car hit the girl and the first tire rolled the girl.
      But the driver did nothing just drive away and the second tire rolled the girl again .
      About 3 later passerby just take a look but noting ….so apathy!
      Badly ,the second car did not see the girl lying on the ground and rolled her again .
      About 18 passerby did nothing ,at last a woman who find rubbish saved the girl!
      And the girl is die-ing….
      What is wrong about our society ?

      • Kinda scary if 2 billions chinese is brainwashed.. look what hitler managed with his few! gives me the chill if u only got roughly 5,2% that got a little decency/morale.. im seriously worried for our future

    • before you go off and insult an entire race of people, it is necessary to think back to our own history. Even in the great United States people will make excuses not to help those who are clearly in need. review the Murder of Kitty Genovese and tell me what you think then.


      • Wait a moment!, the Murder of Kitty Genovese is described in more detail in the 2nd of the book Freakonomics; there were many people who called the police, but they didn’t know that it was happening a murder; they only heard the scream (that ceased quickly) and thought it was a couple’s fight. It was dark, nobody saw the killing, it was late and it was probable dangerous to go and check the scream. Pretty different from this case; all the people passing by saw the kid lying in the floor, they weren’t in danger, they only had to pull the child to another place and call the ambulance…

        Sad chinese people… and this is not a generalization, it was 18 in 19 people that didn’t help, more than 95%! If that happened again, maybe 15 wouldn’t help, maybe 10, maybe 25, maybe 30…! But for sure it will be more than 1 person that will pass by and don’t help; and that’s already a freaking society.

    • fuck you darvin. so the elderly lady who helped her was an ignorant heartless ant? it’s okay to be angry, i’m pissed off too but to blame all chinese people for this makes YOU a heartless ignorant fuck.

    • Selon la loi , ces temoins indifferents seront jugés pour non assistance à personne en danger ( il suffit de relever leurs numeros d’immatriculation ) . Selon le bouddhisme la meme chose horrible arrivera aux enfants de ces temoins indiffetents .

    • i feel so bad for mom even thou she didnt relize baby was not by her side. and to those think that crap happens here in the us please theres more kind people here in the usa then china please watch the video again and count how many kind people help her even while she was down.

    • The people who just walked by the little girl and didn’t do anything. Some one should run them over

    • yap!search in google,this people are insane,they also eat babies…im from philippines,if that kind of incident happened in here,that guy in the van will die for sure,people here will not gonna ignore that kind of a thing!fucking chinese pigs!

    • These people are just animals!!!!! No offense to the animals of the world. To the person who is saying that people here criticizing are just generalizing. Well I’m here to tell you I AM NOT!! I have worked with SEVERAL Chinese people and they are by far the crudest, rudest, most twisted individuals I have ever come across and I live in New York where there are lots of different cultures and people but the Chinese think only of money and the betterment of themselves alone. They are not nice people at all. They are overly critical and very passive-aggressive and very jealous, catty people as well. Poor little girl. How the heck can soooo many people pass her by and she’s lying there bleeding to death? Someone told me this video existed. I didn’t want to believe it so I had to google it and sure enough here it is.

    • Completely agree.

  2. The Chinese people are monsters, they have no heart…. If you have any doubt watch many video on the web of what happens to baby girls in China

  3. They better put those vile despicable pieces of human garbage behind bars for the rest of their lives, or I will personally go to China and shove those trucks into a place they consider personal.

  4. I cannot beleive that it actually happened shame on all those passer by what is becoming of us really 2 years old I watch that video and could help but cry and wished I was there shame on all you people who left her their she could have been some one from your family would that have made a difference? shame on you and your country

  5. So inhuman to ignoring him just like that..She’s just a baby to suffer such pain like that..GOD BLESS YUE YUE…..

  6. This has to be one of, if not the most disturbing thing I have ever seen. the person who ran her over should be hung by his testacies then shot repeatedly in the face. If the driver was female then she should be run over just like it but left to die. All the people who didn’t help her should all be killed as well because they are worthless skumbags that don’t deserve to live. Darvin and Justice I agree 1000% with your comments no way I could have said that better.

    • wondering, there is no 112 or 911 similar services in China? bystanding fact is understandable somehow but at least they should have called the ambulance, police, etc

  7. Those people who were in the cars and importantly the people who just walked pass by are heartless, cruel and should SOON ROT IN HELL, JESUS KNOWS WHAT YOU HAVE DONE AND YOUR SIN WILL NOT BE FORGIVEN AMEN!!!!! that is how you repay for a innocent girl. stupid, those people should be more educated, and i heard that China has many bad factors like fake production. We as human should teach them a lesson, stupid jerks. >:[

  8. shame on chineese, bloody fuckers, if a small pet is in accident , all will come and help , but its a small girl

  9. “Cannot be given what is not in your soul”. China is essentially a Maoist country, that is, long time ago, the merely idea of divinity has been ripped out from their people’s minds. And if that wasn’t enough, from some years up to now, people have been conditioned under the merciless market economy ideal – to say so, by which the only purpose in life is to make as much money as it is possible, for the truly belief that it will bring the ultimate happiness. In other words, the majority of Chinese people have interiorized no other god or goal than money, to the point that they do not care about life nor search for any answer for their existance other than the accumulation of money. Selfishness, greediness, unmercifulness, are some of their treasured values, as they are for many other people in the world, all of them under the curse of trying to fill in their obvious emptiness with material things, to keep up with the Joneses. For they feel defined by what they have achieved – how it happened doesn’t matter, what does is TO HAVE.
    Under those circumstances, how can you expect to find the most insignificant respect for life? For a child’s life? For a female child’s life? It’s outrageous. Under the point of view of us, the few with little conciousness of good and evil, it turns to be outrageous. But it’s even more outrageous to expect that the first driver would have stopped, or that not so many people would have been so indiferent with that poor little girl. Are we so naive that we cannot realize of that? or more precisely, Are we such hypocrites that…? Better to leave it there… May God have that little child in His lovely Glory. Amen.

  10. mereka bukan manusia dan perlu diperntanyakan kemanusiannya kalau masih mengaku manusia..mereka adalah kotoran yang ditinggalkan dibumi,,sepantasnya dunia menghukum mereka.

  11. Not all chinese are like that… besides…
    In many states, including USA… you also got crime happening in broad daylight when no one assist reported before.

    It’s really a global social disaster…

  12. Let’s not generalize Chinese people as an overall heartless people. There are mixed people in different countries. If you hate an over all country for a wrong of 10 people out of the whole. Then let as just hate the human beings because we’re an over all. I am not Chinese and this I know is very heartless indeed. It broke my heart that such young child would go through this. Let the ones who had done wrong be punished if it may but let’s avoid generalizing everyone who didn’t know this happened on that day and couldn’t do anything for it.

    • I agreed.. We have heartless, uncaring, self-centered, foolish people of every race in this world.. It’s sickening and heart-breaking to see the little child suffer in that manner, or in any other manner.. Prayers go out to the family and the good samaritan grandma..

  13. Everyone knows not all Chinese are not like that. What the hell is wrong with people walking past. This is numbing to say the least. Disgusting display of human indifference.

  14. Please do not let this story die, we need to follow-up to make sure the animals (actually animals would not even do this) that hit her pay for what they have done, and to show the other heartless pieces of crap who walked by get theres as well. Please stay on top of this !

    • the drivers have already been arrested. what else can be done? the chinese justice has to make its duty now…

  15. ahhh, you see….when it happens to your own species, it’s a big tragedy, though be it anything but a human rollin around on the street, none of you would give a f8ck. f8ckin hitlers…all of you. go die

  16. This is not only China’s problem. As there was another incident in the US where a lady was getting raped and people heard her screams for an hour but no one called the police because they all just assume that someone else already did. Sadly, it’s just human nature that we don’t want to take care of situations ourselves and leave it to other people.

  17. please do a search on the web in dog killing in china,they kill dogs and cats when they are alive by beating, hanging , trowing into the hot water ,…….
    please help!


    As to some other issues with China out of respect for the poor girl , her family or you own self respect. Leave the loss of jobs or cruel killing of animals out of the subject and sensationalize your personal/political views elsewhere. Your free to comment what ever you like I just think a couple of you have no idea how bad you are embarrassing yourself.

  19. I like how you fools jump right to criticizing a member of your own race… You guys act like you would have done something… But even you know you wouldn’t do anything other than make an annoymys tip to emergency services and go about your day. If you did anything at all. Do you ever do anything when you hear a woman or man screaming in pain? Probably not because you tell yourself it’s not your problem

    • you are wrong. what else should people do than calling emergency services? they are most authorized to do something professional. in present case the passers-by did not do even that…

    • wow… sounds like your talking more about yourself than anyone else i can recall ever meeting or knowing.

      after watching this i felyt the exact opposite… in the most poor AND in the most rich areas of this country i believe people have more heart than to let a scene like this play out.

  20. Please let her make it…please!! Heartless bastards should be put in jail leaving the scene and letting her suffer like that. SICKOS!!

  21. For over five thousand years, the Chinese people created a splendid civilization on the land nurtured by the Yellow River and Yangtze River. During this long period of time, dynasties came and went, and the Chinese culture waxed and waned. Grand and moving stories have played out on the historical stage of China.

    The year 1840, the year commonly considered by historians as the beginning of China’s contemporary era, marked the start of China’s journey from tradition to modernization. Chinese civilization experienced four major episodes of challenge and response. The first three episodes include the invasion of Beijing by the Anglo-French Allied Force in the early 1860s, the Sino-Japanese War in 1894 (also called “Jiawu War”), and the Russo-Japanese War in China’s northeast in 1906. To these three episodes of challenge, China responded with the Westernization Movement, which was marked by the importation of modern goods and weapons, institutional reforms through the Hundred Days’ Reform in 1898 [1] and the attempt at the end of the late Qing Dynasty to establish constitutional rule, and later, the Xinhai Revolution (or Hsinhai Revolution) [2] in 1911.

    At the end of the First World War, China, though it emerged victorious, was not listed among the stronger powers at that time. Many Chinese believed that the first three episodes of response had failed. The May Fourth Movement [3] would lead to the fourth attempt at responding to previous challenges and culminate in the complete westernization of Chinese culture through the communist movement and its extreme revolution.

    This article concerns the outcome of the last episode, which is the communist movement and the Communist Party. Let’s take a close look at the result of what China chose, or perhaps one can say, what was imposed on China, after over 160 years, nearly 100 million unnatural deaths, and the destruction of nearly all Chinese traditional culture and civilization.

  22. Sad moment,this is what happens when a country rules by vicious thieves,cheaters and tyrants.

  23. in indonesia the driver get will arrested by a lot of people and get burn in the street…

  24. I have never cried so hard in my life. As a mother of two this video kills me, I couldn’t bare watching it another minute. How can a human being be so cold. This is precious innocent child unable to fend for herself. People come on. All those people who walked by and did nothing are just as guilty and should be ran over by a car twice and have on lookers watch as it happens. DISGUSTING.

  25. Chinos hijos de puta

  26. LOLZ YUE YUE? More like a broken yo-yo. Get it becasue it didnt come back up.

  27. You need to stop criticizing a particular race. It is not just in China…There are many a well known cases of Americans not helping people….do some research…do not criticize a race…kitty genovese…June 7th 2009 Maria (goes only by first name) raped in broad daylight on a NY subway…..its everybody…not just the chinese…..just concentrate on praying for the girl

  28. After watching this video I honestly have not been able to take that little girl out of my mind. I think about it all day worrying praying to God that she is ok. Its like I honestly wish that I was there some how to help her. This video is so heart breaking I’ve had her on my prayers all day and I wish to know more I wish to know how she is doing because this says that she is in a coma but had taken weak breaths. I honestly need to know how this child is doing so that I can be in peace because ever since I watched the video my heart broke and idk how to start. If anyone has any information please write it.

  29. I am so proud to be an American and I can honestly say that I know
    Beyond a shadow of a doubt that if this happened anywhere in the United States
    she would have been helped immediately! These people r sick!

    • Yea right. Be American and proud on it. If this would have happened in the USA, people would have stand there, just thinking.. if I help I get sewed. If I don’t help I get sewed. So what do I do so I don’t have to pay… Oh damn.. I’ll call my lawyer and discuss. The littel girl is better of in China. So much for being an American.

  30. I am proud to be American…I’m so ashamed of what had happened!!! The bad chinese are the ones from China!!

  31. I never thought I’d see something like this. I hope all those that passed by and noticed her lying there rot in hell. They aren’t human.

  32. and all the hit and run that goes on in USA, or did u just cancel that out

  33. i Cant belive wut i just saw…..REALLY ITS the end of times

  34. chinese people are every bad.
    some chinese here just want to cover up

    • Americans are no better than the Asians! Not only does this type of problem happens in China it also happens in America if you haven’t notice and just because of those 18 people ignoring the little girl doesn’t mean that the entire Asian race is heartless, careless, ignorant people. So YOU SHOULD REALLY TRY TO SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND MOVE ON IN LIFE cause you should be ashamed of your own race, for using Asians as a cover up!

    • All chinese are not bad.Some chinese are bad,some are afraid to help in case they are blamed for the accident. Remember this little girl and her poor parents are chinese.

  35. well from this shows china is really heartless and useless country , they r no.1 in population and in cheap products , but humanity is a far away from them , they have brothels every corner of the streets but how to think like human or for humanity , this is a curse for them …. biggest useless thingis their govt. who sleeps all the times for these kind of incidents, tell me a 2 year girl is all dead as while first hit, then took her to life support system to show she will be alive, media is also showing the tears and on internet u can see sadness and comments about this, but do u think by this u will become good enough to bear wht happened, the girl already is dead, no humanity left in world, if the two years girl is not safe in this world, who else will survive

  36. yue yue is not brain dead, RIP Dear……… so soory to say you country is BRAIN and HEART DEAD, please next birth be take your soul in some good place where u felt some humanity….. where u not find these in-human, fucking morons

  37. This people have no heart. This is really pathetic.This bus runs afterwards slowly around her belly. 18 people let her just lie. How pathetic can you be??? :O…

  38. This is some funny shit.

  39. If one does not know history it is all but impossible to understand the present.
    In the past, the Chinese believed that it did not matter what they did in this life as they could pay for faults and sins when they came again. Thus they adopted a policy of mental slothfulness. Their religion became an opiate and drugged them into spiritual laziness; they lived only for the next life, and so their arts and crafts fell into disuse. China thus became a third-rate power in which bandit war-lords started a reign of terror and pillage.
    The Chinese had had wonderful inventions, wonderful works of art; a wonderful culture.
    Through too slavishly adhering to a religious belief, the Chinese people had become decadent, a ready prey to Communism.
    At one time age and learning had been deeply respected in China. No more. Owning reading glasses was a death sentence during the Cultural Revolution; for it was proof you read and therefore educated and must die. Students were required to kill their teachers. 14 year old boys and girls had the power of life and death. Even in China they call that “The Mad Years”. Sages are no longer given the honor due to them. All that matters now is violence, personal gain and selfishness.

  40. This video made my day sad…
    I am speechless… especially I got myself a kid… so you can imagine your own son in that position.
    When I asked my friend why people are careless, he told me, it is because of the dictatorship system, if you want to help someone in an accident, you need to prove that you are not the one behind it… so people do not want trouble.
    I do not believe that Chinese are cold people or animals (the 5000 years of history is now hidden by this dictator) but this video makes me to say: FUCK YOU CHINA and your FUCKING dictator.

  41. meu DEUS assisti esse video ñ consegui dormir e até hoje estou me sentindo mau cada vez q lembro da agonia dessa criança imagina a dor q ela sentiu nossa q pais é esse vcs são animal ou o q vcs são ñ tem um pingo de amor ao proximo e ainda por cima uma criança ,, sera q aquele retardado ñ podia pisar o pé no freio e o outro eu ñ vou nem comentar ,, se eu tivesse muito dinheiro iria pessoalmente acompanhar esse caso pois queria q esses dois morressem secos na prisão ,, tenho filhos e ñ me imagino em uma cituação dessas meu DEUS td q tenho na minha vida são meus filhos coitada dessa mãe …. MAIS AQUI SE FAZ AQUI SE PAGA UM DIA ELES VÃO PAGA E AQUELES Q PASSARAM DO LADO E NÃO SOCORRERAM TBM Ñ PASSAM DE VERMES MEDIUCRES E SEM CORAÇÃO

  42. The reason why China is so corrupt and nobody seems to care about each other is because they don’t have a sense of morality. Almost nobody living in China seems to care much about it. This may be attributed to the fact that religion was banned during the communist regimes of Mao in the 60s and 70s, so that people did not grow up a Catholic, or Protestant, or whatnot. This may seem really trivial, but the fact that we Americans grew up in a society that’s shaped by a general moral code called the Bible, despite the extremists twisting the words of some of the verses of the Bible, it still taught the basic fundamental moral principles such as love thy neighbor, don’t cheat, lie, or steal, etc.

    I’m Chinese and I moved to the States when I was 10, now at 22, I hate going back to China to visit relatives because everyone I interact with there only seems to care about themselves. But in a society that is still mostly impoverished and where overpopulation is a problem, people are definitely thrown into competition whether they like it or not. So by Darwinian standards its either you become the strongest and live, or you die. This is what is taught to kids in China, but since they don’t go to church or have any sort of moral standards, the kids are neglected to be taught simple morality as well. This will be hard to see if you’ve grown up in the States because in my opinion (since I lived in China until I was 10), life in the States is relatively sheltered compared to what the rest of the world still has to endure. That said, it is hard to see from a third world perspective, and before you guys go on bashing the entire Chinese population you should realize that they will never have had the privilege to live the life you’ve have lived thus far.

    I myself would hate to live in China just because people seem so heartless, but I feel because I’ve been so privileged to have experience life in almost total freedom in the US, I would have to go back to China to try to educate people, especially the upcoming generations, about the importance of morality in a world that’s moving towards desensitivity. So before you call all of us heartless, know that there are always some who will care, and have faith and hope in those who care.

  43. it is somehow clear the chinese problem. they are overpopulated and preoccupied with expansionism. it is quite normal wht happens there. it is still communism, europe can easily remember how it was more than 20 years ago.

  44. i dont care about somebodys race , religion, age or sex…… a child is a child… if i would of seen her i would of stopped and picked her up to help her…to those heartless people that looked at her and kept going , you are worthless people in my eyes!!! i have 3 little girls at home and if that ever happened to any of them, and people just kept walking bye , i would hunt them down!!! me having kids has changed my life for the good and i feel for her and her family…. i hope and pray she will be ok!!!

    love the klages family

  45. This can happen in only one place on earth – CHINA

  46. The poor thing turns around to see the van moving in front of her, then she raises her little arms as if she could stop it …
    The driver saw her before he hit her and after he hit her, he ran her over again, slowly, to only finish her off.
    As if you couldn’t see it for yourself. Yet, most viewers are missing the point here.

    Blame the Chinese, communism, capitalism, the need to be better off, but, not as a human.

    We are all responsible for children. They don’t need to be ours.

  47. It would had ben better if Uinsted States had used one of the nuclear bombs to China insted of Japan.

  48. …then how can you expect Chinese people care about the whole world!

  49. shit!!!!!!!!!!! i am very angry to the people who have not mercy in this little cute baby….when i saw this my eye get started to cry!
    they dont scare in a power of god….oh by the way they dont have god they have a budish i will pray u cute little angel….to the mother of the baby…. i know its hared but plss keep moving…

  50. As well as the bystander effect, judging from most of the comments underneath this article, the ‘generalisation effect’ is pretty much still alive as well. It’s super sad that people choose to judge a whole nation based on the reactions of a few people – it’s wrong and it’s not the way to go at all. We are all humans, yet not all humans think the same, even though a couple of people might act in a similar way at some point in time. We all have different ways of reasoning, and I think it’s just sad that so many are attacking each other over this. The people who should be pointed out are the people in the video and not the whole country.

  51. omg my heart goes out to the girl no one deserves that :'( its inhuman not to care

  52. She was treated like a dog left to die in the street. Shes too young to work and serve her country anyway. She might have grown up to be a proud walmart worker, or worse yet a capatalist pig who does the same thing to larger numbers of people on a much larger scale. China slaughtered by Japan, Slaughtering tibet. Now one with russia. This poor child knew nothing of any of this. What would sidhartha, or jesus do, how necessary is it to feel and sacrifice for others in this day and age. How about the bumb in new orleans that was set on fire for being a bumb .? that wasnt a neglectfull act. It was an aggresive hate crime. Whose job is it to correct a wrong in society. INPUT PLZ…

  53. […] continually run over by vehicles. The drivers don't even attempt to move to avoid hitting her. Article Link Caution, Graphic […]

  54. I’m saddened by the heartless disregard for life. The drivers might have just been reckless and not intent on doing harm. But what about all the people that looked at the bloody child and continued on their way? What about all the children that are regularly massacred over politics, covering one’s tracks, shame, and for profit? Its always easier to point at the disregard for life in other countries but it exists everywhere, every country, every town, every home. We live in a fallen Godless world, ignorant and full of pride, incapable of seeing ourselves for what disgusting creatures we truly are. From dust we were made alive, and to dust we shall return.

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