Oct 232011

Scandalous video featuring Baltimore school students went viral on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook embarrasing parents, teachers and students altogether

Compassion for Amber Cole, the 14-year-old girl from Baltimore High School

Apparently the incident -first unveiled by WJZ- ignited after the 14-year-old girl Amber Cole from Baltimore City school starred in the leaked tape. The father of the teen involved was extremely outraged that he took initiative and started to speak out.

“She was constrained to do those things. She was bullied, harassed into acting like that,” revealed her father, whose name was not given.

The authorities launched an investigation into the case that sparked controversial opinions in the virtual. Police said that allegations of detainment after an incident at Frederick Douglass High students where teenage girl Amber Cole claimed her “oral performance” was taped without her consent, are entirely untrue, however the investigation is ongoing.

It looks like the folks are excited to debate the viral footage which was uploaded on youtube and major social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Of course these kind of topic always make the delight of the public.
Amber Cole case pushes Baltimore High School into scandal

Various parents of the students involved are quite devastated. “The entire thing is so totally disgusting, and I wouldn’t do that for anyone. I just could not do it”
“It’s just that hers is captured in public, in school, which is like a huge problem for me.”
“You have to cut it out and leave her alone. She did it. It has been spreading. You ahve already seen it. Oh, well.”
“The teen girl should not have done what she did, but unfortunately she did it. I don’t think this little boy should have got what he got, but he got it, and now what’s gonna happen, what are we gonna do about the whole situation?”

The girl’s upset father wants his daughter to join another school.
“It is embarrassing for many people– not only her, not only her reputation– but her family as well.”

Three students involved the Milford Mill Academy case are charged with indecent exposure and performing sexual act. According to the police, the students were involved in the scandal while a substitute teacher was giving lecture in the auditorium. The three students, who are still anonymous, age between 15 to 17.

Aftermath, reaction, trend videos!
Amber Cole’s troubling case spark compassion among fellow girls. For example “Jordanmariebaby” filmed and uploaded a video “Leave Amber Cole Alone” that also went viral. Following the trendy success she has released a new video called “Addressing the girl talking mess.”

Video: Compassionate girl message over Amber Cole tape scandal



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