Oct 252011

Wow, folks and fans are gonna see Lindsay Lohan like never before. The actress just decided to bare herself in photoshoot for Playboy magazine. This action will bring Lindsay around 1 million bucks,,,so that’s a good business!

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan (Public Domain)

According to TMZ the appearance has been negotiated for several months. Lindsay stopped at an preliminary $750 thousands deal because she wished…1 million dollars.

It was reported that Hugh Hefner’s famous corporation recently returned to Lindsay offering her a lower amount but sufficient enough for her to shed her signature on the contract.

What isn’t know: Playboy issue featuring Lindsay Lohan.
What is known: Certainly she is booked a spot on the cover.

Despite the fact that Lindsay did not either confirm or deny the rumors, yet an insider revealed that the photoshoot works kicked off last weekend. 



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