Nov 022011

Romanian Minister of Tourism Elena Udrea apparently likes to attend various photo sessions. She posed recently for a magazine and took to her blog to post some photographs for her fans.

Elena Udrea, a model and politician (Alina Salitrarovici via Wikimedia)

Elena Udrea, a model and politician (Alina Salitrarovici via Wikimedia)

Udrea posed as Cleopatra, Jackie Kennedy, Margaret Thatcher and Madonna, women who became famous because of their strong character. Furthermore Udrea showed that she felt pretty ok when pictured as a… brunette.

In addition, the politician woman plans to learn swimming and now is in a search for a coach. She was especially impressed by the swimming pool from Ghencea. The minister revealed that she went more often to the gym over her childhood.

However, now Elena Udrea keeps practicing fitness. And to prove that she feels comfortable in her skin, Udrea posed in a magazine for women, embodying the five most powerful female figures in history. The minister depicted her experience on her blog.

“There were some women who were able to show that they want to become a little bit more than simple workers. I am referring here to the iconic females who changed the way the politics is done in the world. These women proved they could be even better than the men in the game they have invented .(…) According to this logic, I would like very much to see that in Romania, one of the biggest political parties is open enough to propose a courageous and skillful woman in the most important state functions,” wrote Elena Udrea.



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