Nov 152011

Victoria and Ezequiel warming up at Gran Hermano 21012 Argentina

Audiences have exploded. Victoria Irouleguy and Ezequiel Tramannoni were filmed getting too…close while in the Big Brother house!

The reality show Gran Hermano (Big Brother) from Argentina brought record audiences for the television that broadcasts this show. Two young participants, Ezequiel and Victoria could not refrain themselves and forgetting about the video cameras that were spread throughout the house, they gave way to their feeling. What did come out of this? Probably you can imagine.

Although at first the young lady went Ezequiel’s bed to console him, the twosome became more than suffering fellows. “Stop it, be careful because we are filmed,” said Victoria a little embarrassed, but male’s answer seems to calm her down: “And what do you want me to do now?” Yeap, indeed, it was a tough situation!



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