Nov 252011

Dacia Citadine aka City, presented by

A surprizing disclosure was made by German publication which unveiled Dacia’s last models: Lodgy, Citadine and the new version Logan.

Appearantly Dacia keeps the headlines in the motoring press from Germany. presented success story of the “Cinderella of Romania” aka Dacia, which following the premiere of Lodgy (9500 EUR), now is about to launch two models on the markert: Citadine (from 6500 EUR) and the upgraded Logan (9000 EUR).

After rumors of Renault-Nissan plans to offer a 2,500 euro car, possibly featuring Dacia logo, studded the Internet, Germany’s Auto Bild come up with other exclusive information. According to the publication, Renault officials categorically denied the 2500 euros deal, instead they announced that Dacia will hit the show with two new models: Dacia Citadine, intended to be mini class model, and a new version of Logan.

Dacia Lodgy racing version to be unveiled in Geneva Auto Show 2012.

New generation Dacia Logan (from 9000 EUR in Germany) will be presented in autumn 2012 at the Paris Motor Show, said recently Laurens van den Acker, chief designer at Renault. Logan will feature a front side that inspires more power and the overall look of the car aims to be modern, not strictly utilitarian.

“We are gonna rely on the brand strengths so far: acceptable prices, robustness, spaceous inner and outer side. However the main point is that Logan must maintain these values, but at the same time is necessary to have also a perception of quality and image of a more modern and sophisticated vehicle,” said Acker.

The new model is ranked between Renault Fluence, Skoda Octavia, VW Passat, Ford Focus and Chevrolet Cruze. At least visually. In other words, low-cost with “human face”.

Dacia models Logan, City and Lodgy on the cover of German

“Success stories are real and Dacia is one of them,” writes, showing on its cover the new model Logan. German newspaper praises the Romanian brand, which managed with its modest cars to conquer a market with big names in the automotive industry. The advantage of the cars manufactured in Romania stays in the four digits price, added Autobild. “What is the secret of Dacia? The carmaker does not play in the Premier League, but is dedicated to the masses.” A similar slogan was valid a while ago for Volkswagen when compared with its luxurious rivals Mercedes, Audi or BMW.

Autobild shows also new images with serie model Dacia Lodgy. So far, Dacia advertised only Lodgy “Glace”, the racing version, which is scheduled to be released on stage in March 2012 at Geneva Motor Show. Its name is wanted to be related to interior space and family universe. Engaged in the wildest sports competitions, Dacia shows off once again its daring spirit, capturing attention of the automotive world. Dacia’s family version will participate for first time in history in Andros Trophy.

Monovolume Dacia Lodgy is also the first model to feature standard ESP system. As an European directive, ESP (Electronic Stability Program) becomes mandatory for all new models sold on Europe’s market as of November 2011. Apparently Lodgy is Dacia’s first model that need to “obey” this decision



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