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Viral video shows incredible images of a male orca attacking a shark in shallow waters at Blue Cliffs Beach off New Zealand coasts (scroll down for stunning video and photos).

Residents living in the nearby area had the “once-in-a-lifetime” chance to see for themselves who wins the clash between the sea titans.

The confrontation was extremely long (about 2 hours) and marine biologist Clinton Duffy believes there were more orcas and sharks getting involved in the fight. Many times orcas – known as killer whales -, get into the surfing area to gather large mass of fish. No one knows what the outgunned shark was doing there but certainly he was at the wrong location, at the wrong moment.

According to eye-witnesses about 6 orcas and 6 sharks are estimated to have participated in the spectacular natural display.

How did the deadly game end?
Well, the only chance for the shark to escape orca’s fierce assault, was to head toward the shore but unfortunately he ended up stranded on the beach. However the “Jaws” could not find peace on land as well because Peter Robertson’s “brave” dog engaged into action. A dog harassing the shark? This must be something rare to see:)

According to Robertson, “It looked like the whales were fighting the sharks … the sharks were coming towards shore because they prefered not to be in the water.”

So far, it’s unclear what species the beaten sharks were. In any case, they appeared to be much smaller than the orcas and would have ended up worse in most confrontations.

The fact that an orca wins over a shark does not come as something surprising. Let’s not forget that in general orcas are stronger, bigger, swifter and heavier that EVEN the most fearful sea creature, i.e. the great white shark.

Video: Orca attacks shark in New Zealand

A killer whale turns out to be too aggressive for the shark who was forced to come ashore at the Blue Cliffs Beach in Tuatapere, New Zealand

Peter Robertson's dog seems to challenge the shark



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  1. That wasn’t a Great White, that was a Thresher or something other than a G. White.

    • who said it was a GW? the last sentence was just a detail about orcas in general,,,”killer whales bigger than EVEN great white”,,,but not referred to current case. (sentence above specifies that it was not known the species)

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