Jan 272012

Scandal in Venezuala! President Hugo Chavez’s daughter sparked controversy in the South American country, after posting online a photo which shows her holding a bunch of U.S. dollars (scroll down for photo and video report).

Rosines Chavez caused stir after posing with U.S. dollars in her hand

14-year-old Rosines Chavez upload the picture on “Instagram” website. Using U.S. dollars is strictly controlled by the regime from Caracas.

The critics are upset with girl’s gesture, especially because the U.S. dollars are hard to get in Venezuela where Chavez’s regime imposed strict limits for dollar sums that can be purchased at the official rate.

Many users of the social site Twitter derided Venezuelan leader’s daughter by posting pictures of themselves in which the bucks were replaced with various everyday objects which appear flaunting.

First scandal: Rosines posed with Justin Bieber and made the picture public

Teen’s mother, Marisabel, who divorced Chavez in 2003, defended Rosines in a Twitter post: “I told her that she didn’t mistake a mistake taking that picture, but rather to post it in a place crammed with ignorant people who do not show respect to others.”

According to FoxNews this is the second time when Rosines causes a scandal by revealing the luxurious lifestyle lived by her family.

The young girl faced her first citicism a while ago after she posted a picture of her with pop star Justin Bieber.

Video-photo: Rosines Chaves shows U.S. Dollars in Twitter image



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