Apr 292012

Carmen Bruma does not just present sport, she makes sport. The TV reporter who is well known for her impressive silhouette, will release a DVD featuring the most effective methods (not the easiest) for losing weight. Watch below video of Bruma’s “3S-Making of”.

“The book depicts a lucrative 6-week food program as well as rules that help you to modify it depending on your taste. Furthermore you can find also the most important advices supposed to be known by someone who wants to lose weight or improve the physical look (that means toning, weight loss, muscle shaping, body composition changes, cellulite layer shrinking)”, said Carmen Bruma.

“The DVD reveals also five different training programs for warming up and one for stretching. Every workout, which should take no longer than 15 minutes, aims at shaping your whole body and stimulating it to burn more fat than a traditional 40-minute cardio workout, ” revealed Bruma on Facebook.

Video: Carmen Bruma 3S – Making of (fitness, bodyshape, weight loss tutorial)



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