May 292012

Super apps help you locate the stolen/lost iphone, Android smartphone, ipad or laptop

Was your phone or laptop stolen? Find where they are by using theft recovery super-applications! (scroll down for links to apps download)

Did you forget your phone somewhere, but do not know exactly where. Would it be at work or a friend you visited after? Or, simply, was it stolen from your car or pocket, while using public transport? Well, now you can easily recover your lost gadgets. If you have a smartphone either running iOS or Android, you will be able to find its location with the following apps. Such an application is available also for laptops.

“Find My iPhone” app is used for iPhone, iPod and iPad. For Android-based gadgets, the application is called” Where’s My Droid ”

“I can block it, remove phone’s internal information, I can send a message to the phone and, most importantly, I can see where my phone is,” says CNN consultant, Mario Armstrong. Armstrong made also a little demonstration showing how he managed to locate the iPhone using his personal iPad.

If you want to have such a control over the laptop, there is a (paid) program called LoJack, explained Armstrong. In order to find your laptop, the only thing required, is that the person who stole it to connect to the internet with your computer. In addition to locating the laptop, LoJack will allow you to remotely control the notebook.

Official website to download/configure Find My iPhone app

Install/Download “Where’s My Droid”

Website LoJack -for laptops



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