May 312012

Alin Popa, one of the richest Romanian businessmen tragically lost his life after a violent head-on car crash on Wednesday afternoon! He was 41.

Following the accident that killed the owner of Edy Spedition, Alin Alexandru Popa, whose name appears in the TOP 300 Capital, the road traffic between Jebel and Şag, (Timis county), was blocked on one direction for about an hour, being resumed around 7:30 p.m. (local time)

According to spokesperson of Timis County Police Inspectorate, Madalina Mezdrea, the road traffic was resumed on Route DN59 after a preliminary investigation was conducted.

“Roadway was cleared about an hour after the accident had occured. The dead body of the Mercedes driver was carried to the morgue of the Timisoara County Hospital for necropsy,” said Madalina Mezdrea. According to spokeswoman, the wife and son of the dead driver arrived on the scene.

“The Mercedes came from Şag when its driver tried to overtake on a two-way road without taking safety measures. At that moment a Macedonia-registered truck was heading into opposite direction and the two vehicles collided head-on and the driver of the Mercedes passed away in the crash,” added Mezdrea.

The owner of the transport and logistics firm Edy International Spedition, Alin Alexandru Popa, who was listed in TOP 300 Capital, died Wednesday afternoon following an accident which took place between the Timis villages of Jebel and Sag. Popa failed to perform an overtaking manoeuvre and smashed his Mercedes into a truck coming from opposite direction.

According to TOP 300 Capital, Alin Popa from Brad, was the richest in Hunedoara County. According to the local media, Alin Popa’s fortune is estimated at 125 million euros.

The impact with the Mercedes sent the Macedonian truck off road.

Wrecked: Alin Popa's Mercedes reduced to debris following the harsh collision with truck.

Rescue workers struggling to take out the victim.

Alin Popa's Mercedes is unrecognizable. Photo:



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