Jun 302012

Snoop Dogg experienced some inconveniences upon his arrival in Norway. The rapper was arrested after the customs officers found eight grams of marijuana in his luggage at the airport Kjevic in Kristiansand.

But this did not prevent the star to climb the stage of Hove Festival Thursday evening. After hearings, Snoop Dogg was released not before paying a fine of 12,000 Norwegian crowns equivalent of 1,589 euros.

For Snoop “Doggy” Dog this was the second problem of this kind in the last six months. In January, police dogs sniffed weed in his car at a patrol routine check in Sierra Blanca, Texas.

Snoop Dogg arrested for possession of 8 grams of weed at Kjevic Airport in Kristiansand. Credit:Photo by MGM Studios/Entertainment

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