Jul 062012

Romanian Traian Basescu was suspended on Friday July 6, 2012 after senators and deputies voted in plenum of the two parliamentary chambers. 256 MPs voted for suspension, two votes were canceled and 114 against.

Senate President Crin Antonescu apparently fulfilled his dream as he became Romania’s interim president. The referendum is due to be held on July 29, when Romanians will decide on whether Traian Basescu should be dismissed or remain in charge.

This is the second time when Parliament suspends Basescu. A previous attempt to remove country’s leader from office occured in 2007 when Basescu who enjoyed much more popularity was reconfirmed as president after overwhelmingly winning the referendum.

The ruling coalition USL (PSD, PNL, PC) blame Basescu for violating the constitution and overstepping his authority despite the fact that the Constitutional Court cound not clearly back the accusations.

Romania’s ruling government led by the controversial Prime Minister Victor Ponta, initiated the impeachment proceedings at short time after USL official Adrian Nastase had been sentenced to jail and before PC senator Dan Voiculescu was scheduled to appear in court.



  3 Responses to “Traian Basescu suspended again after 5 years”

  1. Bring me a dream, Băsescu… 🙂
    Bring me a dream: YOUR DEATH !!! 😉

  2. Tthis is wery vrong ,that the rest of the comunist`s vil tek over the pover and control ewry institution of the stat. This members of the parlament is the most korupt persons,they meked meny ilegalyty end they are afraid for the justis,therefor they had suspended the prezident. Oh this people is end was the afflictoin for the rumanian people.It is wery vrong that 256 parlamentars votig towards millions of rumanians.The word must wek up.

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