Aug 052012

China’s Lulu Zhou won the gold medal in the super heavyweight category of the Olympic weightlifting.

Zhou came to a total of 333 kg (146 snatch, 187 clean and jerk), a combined world record and a kilogram more than Tatiana Kashirina from Russia who claimed silver.

In the 75+ weightlifting category, Kashirina set two world records in snatch as she lifted 149 kg and 151 kg respectively. Zhou who snatched 146 kg, had to compensate a five kilogram deficit to catch up with the Russian, but amazingly she succeeded six kilos more bumping into Olympic record of 187kg in the clean and jerk. Thus Kashirina who managed a 181 kg c&j, ranked second with 332 kg (151 snatch WR and 181 clean & jerk).

The bronze went to Armenia’s Hripsime Khurshudyan who lifted a total of 294 kg thus earning her country’s first olympic medal.

Standings women's heavyweight weightlifting London Olympics

Lulu Zhou

Chinese heavyweight lifter Lulu Zhou break world record, claims Olympic gold in women weightlifting (NOS screengrab)



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