Aug 262012

Fatal: The Mercedes carrying Princess Diana was totally wrecked after the 1997 deadly crash in Paris

August 31, 2012 marks 15 years since one of the most beloved personalities of the world, Princess Diana of Britain, died in a terrible accident in Paris, France. The limo carrying Lady Di crashed in Alma passage because of the paparazzi who pursued the car and made the driver lose control of the vehicle

John Morgan, a famous Australian author, recently released a book on the market written by him after he had secret talks with investigators involved in tragedy case. According to the writer, they would have allegedly confirmed that behind the death of Lady Di was the British royal family, who thought that the princess was living a scandalous life.

“After the accident, several ambulances rushed to the crash spot, but the victims were not picked up immediately, instead it took an hour and 43 minutes until being taken away. In fact, they killed Diana in the ambulance, when they saw that she had no serious injuries,” writes Morgan in his book, which has already outraged the world. British royal family refused to make any comment on the topic.



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