Nov 112012

Denise Helms, 22-year-old California woman was fired after she posted messages on a social media website where she apparently swears and threats the second term of Barack Obama.Helms wrote on Facebook: “Maybe this time he will be assassinated,” informs Huffington post.

The activity of the young woman on social networks is now monitored by the Secret Service, all threats to U.S. President Barack Obama being taken seriously and investigated by FBI. If it is decided that the youth’s threat was legitimate, she may be convicted on charges of “threatening to take life, kidnap or injure” the president, according to the Secret Service.

“The part concerning the assassination was really annoying. I’m not saying that I would do that in any case, but if it happens I do not think I would care,” said Denise Helms for Fox 40.

The woman said she thinks that now everyone believes she is “crazy and racist”. “I’m not racist and I’m not mad. I just expressed my opinion!”

“Her comments are disgusting. I decided to fire her because of the comments, but also because of negative reactions from community,” said Chris Kegle, the director of the Turlock Cold Stone Creamery.



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