Nov 122012

Emirates A380 superjumbo returns to Sydney due to engine fire.

Moments of terror for passengers of an Emirates Airline flight that took off from Sydney International Airport. The Airbus A380 carrying 300 passengers on board was bound for Dubai but just 20 minutes into the flight it was forced to return to the Australian airport.

After takeoff, one of the superjumbo A380’s engines caught fire! According to witnesses, the plane was at an altitude of about 3000 meters when one of the engines began to smoke and shoot flames out after a loud bang had been heard. The pilots followed the emergency procedure and turned the aircraft at the airport where it landed safely.

Both passengers and crew escaped unharmed. Emirates Airlines has initiated an investigation.

This is not the first time when such an incident takes place in Australia. In 2010, a mid-air engine explosion forced air operator Qantas Airways to ground all its Airbus airplanes for a month.

Video: Emirates Airlines Airbus 380 returns to Sydney Airport after one engine caught fire after take-off



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