May 062017

Facebook’s 2017 first-quarter financial report comes packed with a series of very interesting information about how the platform has evolved over the past few months. It seems that the number of social network users is steadily increasing, now reaching a figure equivalent to about 25% of the planet’s population.

Facebook image

Facebook nearly hit the 2 billion users milestone (pic: Facebook)

The company’s revenue amounted to $8 billion in the last three months, a 49% increase over the same period last year, with $3 billion accounting for profit. By comparison, the profit last year was 76% lower. Also during this period, the number of active monthly users increased by 17%, reaching a total number of 1.94 billion. Unlike past reports, Facebook has decided not to share users in terms of devices used to access the social network, which suggests that almost everyone is “mobile”, with the desktop being a secondary took to connect to the network.

The company has also addressed issues that have arisen in recent weeks, when more users have broadcast live video with crimes or suicides. Facebook promises to hire 3,000 moderators to monitor live content, notify authorities or prevent inappropriate videos from being spread. At the same time, the social network starts a more serious campaign to combat “fake news” and state-sponsored propaganda.