Apr 122011

It seems that Andreea Bododel is Varciu’s newest girlfriend. Miss. Bododel is a dancer and participated in last year’s “Miss Hostess” contest. Varciu announced somehow his intention of marrying Andreea in the future, but there is not much trust in his declaration.

Liviu Varciu and Andreea Bododel spotted by paparazzi on the beach nearby hotel Park in Mamaia

Liciu Varciu was live on phone during the “ Happy Hour” show and talked about his relation with Simona Trasca and also Andreea Bododel.

He considered the previous affair with Simona as superficial and temporary whilst his present involvement with Andreea is regarded as something different and serious. Liviu had lots of praising words addressed to his new companion.

“I have a beautiful relationship with Andreea and we understand very well each other. We’ve been together for a while but I have hidden our affair so far. She is gorgeous and understanding. Now she is with me here in the studio. I already see myself married with her. She is brunette, her name is Andreea and she is 21-year-old”, said Varciu while speaking on phone from Constanta.

The gossip outlet Cancan spotted Varciu and Andreea during a romantic walk on the beach in Mamaia. The actor was seen driving his Mitsubishi although this situation is a little puzzling as the police suspended his driving license about 2-3 weeks ago for a period of 90 days.



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