Apr 272011

A marriage that lasted more than two decades is going to fall apart within seconds. Cristi Borcea, the president of Dinamo Bucharest football club, decided to file for divorce, asking for a amicably separation from wife Mihaela, the woman who gave him three children.

Cristi Borcea family

Cristi Borcea decided to divorce from wife Mihaela after a long term marriage. (Credit: click.ro)

After several rumors predicted the troubles into the marriage of the business man, the inevitable happened. Sources close to Cristi Borcea revealed, that he decided to end the marriage and has already contacted a lawyer who will file for divorce this week.

“Mr. Borcea awaited the Easter to go away and did not want to file for divorce during this Holidays. He has already contacted a prominent lawyer and told him to fill out the papers tomorrow or the day after tomorrow,” the source close to the couple said.

That’s not the only problem of Borcea family. Cristi and his wife Mihaela were recently diagnosed with mercury poisoning at a concentration so intense that they were on the brink of death. “Cristi was detected a 17.89 in the blood concentration of mercury, while the normal range is around 5. He needs to follow the treatment, because if the mercury reaches the brain, the situation becomes fatally.

On the other hand, Mihaela told that she searched the health by visiting a church: “I was in Athens at the tomb of St. Nektarios, who is the miracle worker. (…) They performed a cleaning prayer and I felt great.”

Cristi and Mihaela have three children together, two boys and a girl: Patrick (13 years), Antonia Melissa and Michael Angelo (7 years). So far, nothing seemed to overshadow the happiness of family Borcea, but now dark clouds appeared on their horizon.



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