Jun 052011

Cabral and Andreea got married on Thursday (02June2011) and celebrated their wedding on Saturday (04June2011). It looks like they were not entirely prepared for any detail as long as some (little) irritating situations came up. Anyway everything ended just fine.

Andreea Patrascu and Cabral arriving at the church for religious ceremony

Andreea Patrascu and Cabral Ibacka had yesterday afternoon their religious ceremony at a church in Otopeni. Afterwards they went to join the 200 guests party organized in a select location. The two TV stars vowed to each other faith and trust in front of God after on Thursday they completed the civil ceremony and thus becoming officially husband and wife.

Andreea and Cabral arrived at the Church “St. Constantin and Elena” from (Odai) Otopeni, 30 minutes before the time scheduled for the ceremony, 17.15. The bride was brought by godfather Razvan Fodor in an elegant limo while the groom made​his appearance in a purple convertible.

Wedding party on the brink of the pool

There were about 50 people waiting at the church, relatives and close friends but also some TV stars: Virgil Ianţu, Ioana Moldovan, Dana Rogoz. When seeing that the entrance of the church was overwhelmed by the press, Cabral got pissed off and demanded that no one should enter the holy place. He had four bodyguards, specially hired for such an situation in order to prevent from being disturbed by someone during the religious ritual.

The ceremony, which cost “on receipt” 6 million, lasted about an hour. Everybody came out smiling and ready to party at the Ambasad’Or restaurant from Otopeni. The wedding show began around 19.00 and the roughly 200 guests were delighted by the exquisite dishes served in a luxury tent installed on the edge of the pool. Cabral and Andrea revealed that the wedding costs raised to 60,000 euros.

See pictures (photo galeries) from Cabral & Andreea Patrascu civil ceremony and wedding HERE and HERE.



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