Jun 062011

Is there any possibility of Space Station on Mars? A retired armchair astronaut reveals the existence of a strange cylinder-like building on the red planet.

Incredible images unveiled by the Google Earth in Space. David Martines, an U.S. astronaut claims to have captured shots of a space station on Mars. His video, uploaded on youtube, became viral across the internet as many try to figure out details about the 700 feet long and 150 feet wide mysterious object. Mr Martines called the cylindrical object Bio Station Alpha.

The construction could be an alien facility or even a secret base of NASA, the experts say.
The astronaut fears the images might be the evidence of a deposit of biological weapons in space.

For those who want to download Google Earth software and check for weird Bio Station Alpha, note that it can be found at the following coordinates: 71 49’19.73″N 29 33’06.53″W.

NASA and Google have refused to comment the images.

Video: Mars Bio Station Alpha spotted by David Martines using Google Earth’s Mars.



  2 Responses to “Video: Former astronaut discovers strange object on Mars by using Google Earth for outer space”

  1. How the heck was he changing the observation angle so easily, considering the point of observation was on Earth?

    Therefore … HOAX ….

  2. Indeed Caius, that looks somehow odd to me. I suppose Google Earth does not provide any special software using the depth of the image and the intensity of the objects to change the plane of observation. Most likely you are right but dunno, but I was thinking if the guy who posted the video took into consideration the fact that people will ask questions like yours.

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