Jun 272011

British illusionist Steve Frayne, 28, known also under the nickname “Dynamo”, made ​a number of biblical inspiration, walked on the water across the River Thames right in front of the Houses of Parliament in London, according to Daily Mail.

Steve Frayne aka Dynamo pictured as stepping on Thames waters at Houses of Parliament, London. Photo: dailymail.co.uk

When it was about half the distance he had to go, the magician was intercepted by a police boat which picked him up. Dozens of onlookers were filmed while watching breathless as Dynamo was stepping on water.

The illusion is part of the promotional campaign of Frayne’s show, “Dynamo: Magician Impossible.” Illusionist stunned his fans with other spectacular numbers: he made Matt Lucas levitate in front of a large audience at the Emirates stadium – the home pitch of Arsenal London football team,- then converted lottery tickets into cash for Robbie Williams and many other tricks. See also videos: Dynamo shows Robbie Williams a knack and Criss Angel walking on water



  3 Responses to “Dynamo illusionist Steve Frayne walks on water across Thames River”

  1. Jesus Christ was the person ever known to have walked on water but this one(steve Frayne) could be regarded as the power of evil!

  2. f… you – he is funny

  3. I think he’s amazing, I’m completely and utterly in-love with him, thank you for your entertainment Steven <3

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