Jun 302011

US President Barack Obama and his wife thought to experience marriage troubles, US tabloids say. Photo:EPA/Intact

Michelle Obama is not a happy woman. At least this is what publication Showbiz Spy claims, saying that the First Lady of America is preparing to leave the US president Barack Obama.

Another American tabloid, Globe, says that Michelle Obama had already made​bags and prepares to move to Chicago.

“Michelle wants to leave the White House and her husband,” says one of the tabloid sources.

It seems that the problems of the twosome began several months ago, earlier this year when Michelle and Barack Obama argued about a sensitive subject. President would have wished another child, but Michelle did not want to hear about that. However this kind of topics should not be regarded as a serious threat to a relationship.

“There are very large issues in Obama marriage,” said the same sources.

Nevertheless, many are skeptical about the veracity of this rumours because it is believed that Globe tabloid is less likely to have the resources and the inside scoop to the president’s private life with his wife.



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