Jul 112011

Viorel Lis, the former mayor of Romanian capital, married religiously on Sunday at St. Andrew Church (Biserica Sfantul Andrei) from Bucharest.

Oana and Viorel Lis vowed ethernal faith in front of the priest at Sf. Andrei church in Bucharest on July 10, 2011. Photo: Antena1

His wife, Oana Lis wore a long white dress, created by a foreign designer. Oana Lis walked down the aisle together with the godparents and said “yes” without retains.

It looks like Oana’s grandmother was very exited by the event. The old lady praised God for listening her prayers of seeing her granddaughter heading to the altar and vowing eternal faith to Viorel in the presence of a priest. “I am overwhelmed by emotions and probably Oana as well. I do not know what Viorel feels. I begged God to make Viorel take Oana as wife. I prayed for many years because I did not understand why there was no wedding,” the granny said in an interview for a tabloid. While Viorel is used to be in front of the altar as he had passed twice before, Oana could barely handle her exitement.

The religious ceremony was attended by a small circle of friends, no more than 30. Besides relatives, various stars like Rita Muresan, designer Dănuţ Pîrvan and psychologist Nicoleta Vescan were seen at the event. After the religious service, the couple along with the guests went to a fancy restaurant in Otopeni.



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