Jul 132011

Rumors that Monica Gabor could be pregnant with her Chinese lover spread quickly through the media. At least that was the hint concluded from some declarations made by Ramona Gabor who seemed excited about the possibility of a new brother in law.

Speculations related to Monica’s pregnancy sparked after her sister was invited on Simona Gherghe’s show at Antena television. It looked like Romana declined to provide a clear answer, despite the fact that she is very close to her famous sister.

“She is not pregnant, even if she is she wouldn’t reveal that. I do not have to tell anything more, if Monica is pregnant for sure you will see tat soon,” hesitant Ramona Gabor said.

Moreover, according to Ramona, Moni appears to have two more children (it’s less likely) and she became a better person due to her Chinese guy.



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