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Sometimes is really hard to understand the nature of the human beings. It looks like even the animals are milder.

Jewish boy Leiby Kletzky (left) was abducted and killed by Levi Aron (right) in Brooklyn

Leiby Kletzky, aged 8, was declared missing on Monday after he was reportedly walking home. The parents alarmed the police who deployed a 1,5 day large search operation until they found the Orthodox Jewish child….dead with his body dismembered. The killer is Levi Aron, a 35-year-old guy living in Brooklyn and according to his former wife Deborah and authorities he had no criminal record before.

A surveillance camera led the police to the house of the murderer who showed the officers his kitchen where blood was spread everywhere around the fridge. The law people were shocked by the terrifying massacre scenes where broken feet were seen packed in plastic bags. There were also blood stained towels, knives and a cutting board around.

The horrible crime surprised everyone within the community regarding the fact that the neighborhood is not ranked a crime-risk area. After the examination the coroner let the parents pick up the remains of the child which were buried on Wednesday. The burial service was attended by dozens of people who gathered at Borough Park synagogue.

Aron was detained after he was traced from a dentist office where he had paid a bill. He picked up the little boy by his car and went away. Subsequently the criminal hinted the police where to discover the other “components” of the body which was sliced into pieces, wrapped in garbage bags, inside a red suitcase that had been thrown into a trash container in another area of Brooklyn.

Levi Aron is now accused of second degree crime and is expected to face a harsh penalty!!!
See photos of Jewish boy and his funerals.
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Video: Leiby Kletzky possible spotted in a surveillance camera CCTV footage



  48 Responses to “Brooklyn drama: Murder of Jewish boy, 8, left community in grief”

  1. Who cares? One less religious animal breathing our air! Good Riddance!

    • He was just an innocent kid, probably did not know too much about religion stuff and suppose he did not breathe your “personal” air.

    • Are you serious? If so…YOU should be cut into peices and dumped in a trash can…actually….thats to good for you…let me think about it some more and im sure I could come up with a more appropriate method for an idiot such as yourself. For one thing, if you were to even think something so heinous as “Who cares? One less religious animal breathing our air! Good Riddance!”, common sense should kick in and go “hmmmp…probably shouldnt say that out loud, keep that one to myself”. Secondly, if for some reason you hang in a circle with other like minded individuals and wanted to speak about such bullshit fine, its your crowd, they know you, possibly agree with you. Bad idea to actually vocalize that despicable thought through a website where NORMAL non-prejudicial people will read it and feel disgusted that there are actually people like you breathing the same air as us.

    • You sick bastard,how dare you are to say that!

    • if you don’t care then don’t read it. it is people like you who need to fall off the face of the earth, not innocent children.

    • Obvious troll is obvious

    • You athiest Cunt. I hope one day your belief comes true. The atoms that your made out of will cause a BIG BANG. I will then find your remains and piss and shit all over them.
      WHat kind of person smerks at the tragic death of a child?

      • Lawls, you people are hilarious

      • One small note, I am an atheist, but I would never rejoice at the murder or harm of a fellow human being. This is a horrible, sad, heartbreaking story even if one believes in Humanity instead of God.

      • @ meggostar: What he said is not acceptable by any stretch of the imagination, but throwing mud at other religions is the same thing he did except at the expense of an innocent child. So that makes you only a little bit better than him saying that. Let’s not throw stones at other peoples beliefs. Thanks.

    • that is cruel of you to say and so uneccasary to say smh may god help your soul and have mercy.

    • you make me sick!

    • you make me sick!

    • fuck you you ass hole im jewish and disrspecting manny people think of it as your bro cut up into little pieces i hope you like it in hell!!!!!!

      • @ Joel I agree with you, that guys a douche but I’m curious I thought Jews dont believe in hell

  2. Omg can’t believe someone can act/comit a crime like this on another human much less a child ihope he rots in prison

  3. You my sir are a dick, he was only a child. Too bad it wasn’t you who was chopped up into pieces. Burn in he’ll asshole

    • Hell*

    • Lol yeah, let’s ALL be murdered and kill off the other murderers and save ALL the little Jewish boys still yet to get chopped up, may they R.I.P. *bows head and spills a little beer for all our lost homies*

  4. Where was hassid “GOD” ???
    They will never believe that they spend their lives reproducing like rabbits, devoting to pray on a 300 page book every day and live by it… a book that is none sence, 3000 years old, changed and exagerated through time.
    They will never understand or accept that they portrait a purpose of divine living, however what they really live for is to reproduce so one day they population is dominant, the real higher power for them is MONEY over “ha shem” bullshit, and as you see rabbi’s selling kosher stamps to no kosher foods for money,and a rabbi 4 years ago trafficking organs on black market, then you can understand, that most of this idiots are in this world just to dominate as their bitches walk around boro park with 3 babies already at 20 years old and keep adding to the cart; this guys stink, don’t shower, they have dirt under their fingernails, are trully infectious.

    Despite this awful tragedy, they will go and pray to a god that does not exists, otherwise, this would not have happent if they were so SPECIAL people as they think they are, walking earth with their nose up as they were above the masses.

    maybe hitler should have finished them all, back in the days.
    At the end…..their vision is the same, except they want to dominate without crime.

    They hate blacks, they hate “goims” (christians or else other) and believe they are above all.

    In resume, you have a bunch of ignorant motherfuckers,living as if they were in 500 bc and waiting for a divine intervention for 2000 years now with absolute 100% failure so far.

    Think, if their parents let this kid had a cell phone, this would have never happened..
    Also cell phones have gps.
    he would have called for direction…..to his parents.

    welcome to 2011.
    What an unnecessary death, by your stupid living egocentric religionm, or better said: prejidist idiots.

    Same way you want to kill al qaedas elder, not to raise assasins out of kids; you should also extint all this hassid cocoroaches, bringing precious children to this world, thus bringing them up as what they are, without a choice, for theur purpose of an earth full of them and them only, under the world of “HA SHEM”.

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    • hey,,the fact that some people believe in a “non-existing God” or if they feel prouder that the rest of us, it does not mean that you have to kill them. just live you life and do not get to extremism! the jewish are also humans whatsover the believe in.
      P/S: suppose is not the fault of the kid because he did not have a mobile phone to call the police and report the kidnapping.

      • I am Jewish my friend….
        Will all due respect, “kill then” is a way of expressing myself, however, I live very well and their existence does not bother me………..until I see one and laugh.

        I have family alike, I have worked for this people before and have seen, that even among each other….they will betray themselves for another dollar..

        Take it form one of them……They are the worst!, behind their mask.

        • You write as if you dropped out of school in the 6th grade. The only thing I understand from your comments is that you are completely ignorant.

        • You are a liar, of course, your posts prove that you are not Jewish. You can’t even keep the pronouns straight in your brainless screed. I will, however, merely content myself with thinking of your karma.

    • You just described all humans… We’re all horrible creatures, get over it lol

      Crazy people all up in here…

      • crazy people are everywhere and depends how you define..craziness. your reference system might differ from others….life is complex with many aspects.

  5. Let us not forget about this eight year old who was brutally murdered. I hope this animal suffers every second for eternity

  6. Who ever made that comment is an animal.. Has to be if they feel this way about a child.. I have an 8yr. old son so it hits home.. My blessings to the child’s family..as for the bastard that did it pls. Don’t put the coward in protected custody(p.c.), let him reap what he sow..

  7. These responses are incredible – but NOT in a good way! There is only one comment on this page that is grammatically correct!! Spelling is atrocious, grammar is outrageously bad, punctuation does not exist in these letters – is everyone on this planet illiterate?? What is wrong with everyone? Does ANYONE know how to spell?? Does ANYONE know correct grammar and punctuation?? Even if YOU are too stupid to know how to spell simple words, does your computer not have “Spell Check”?? Or is everyone too stupid to know how to use it? These letters are PATHETIC. No wonder this country is falling apart. Are our schools really this bad now? They must not teach spelling, grammar, or punctuation anymore. Some of these comments are not even coherent! Does anyone even know what a dictionary is ? The only comment that has no errors is from “Jim Bob”, and his comment is 100% true. If you cannot spell, cannot punctuate correctly, cannot use grammar correctly, and cannot type without making errors, don’t let the entire world know that you’re stupid by making public comments on-line!

    • Maddie, have you ever thought that maybe not everyone is a native English speaker?

  8. Why do people talk like this on the Internet? Please… Has humanity completely dissolved into oblivion? Anyway, My Opinion: This murderer should be put to death. There is no fixing him. He does not deserve to live a comfortable life in prison.

  9. sinceramente no puedo creer que pueda ser una persona tan demoniaca y asesinar a sangre fria a un ser inocente de solo 8 anos de edad,un angelito inocente yo trabajo cerca a ellos los trato a diario son tan dulces y respetuosos,el sujeto ese deve ser un resentido y enfermo para dar rienda suelta a su instinto criminalno, merece la pena de muerte merece la cadena perpetua sin visitas, de nadie o sea muerto en vida y a los padres de el nino mucha fuerza y perdon delante los ojos de dios el se encargara de fortalecerlos y es verdad un celular huviera sido de mucha ayuda, orare por el nino y sus padres,

  10. Things like this make me reconsider ever bearing children.
    Things like this make me wish I was never borne to see how gruesome, and evil human beings can be.

    He was just a baby. All he wanted was help.
    My heart hurts, and I’d do anything to trade places with him, and give him back his life.

  11. As if this brutal crime was not enough, some of the comments on this page are nearly just as bad.



  13. These ultra orthodox Jews are the spawn of the Devil. Their minds are filled with filth and evil thoughts. They should be thrown out of America for they are leeches on society and good for nothing. The world would be better off without them.

  14. […] trimite la mitul reincarnarii lui Osiris. Anul trecut, in iulie, un baiat de religie iudaica a fost gasit mort, si portionat, in Brooklyn. Criminalul, Aron Levi, dar si victima lui erau hassidim. Nu s-a invocat nebunia temporara. O luna […]

  15. It’s amazing what some people will say when they can hide behind the safety and anonymity of their computers …. or, I should say, the computers that their mommies bought them because some of these posts were clearly written by snot-nosed, sociologically disenfranchised punk junior high and high school kids. A few were written by bona fide psychos. Any idiot can own a computer and get on the Net.

    Nonetheless, punishment? …. An eye for an eye. Screw lethal injection, that’s too humane. Cut Aron up alive like he did that little boy. Keep cutting until he dies from shock and/or blood loss. If our so-called “society” matched the punishment with the crime then I betcha there’s be less crime.


  17. I just found out this happened today, I read the article and cudnt believe it, this world is full of evil people from any race. I’m muslim and truly have no hate for any race and just wish peace and compassion for the worlds people. My heart goes out to the mother of this child. We are all human and breath the same air, its too bad we share this world with people that shud have been born animals. Truly sorry to hear this happened to a child let alone anyone! What a sick twisted bastard hope he suffers true pain and hardship and feels the ultimate wrath of God! People don’t gety overly passionate over people and their ignorant comments they truly have no ethics or morals, and u don’t need religion to have any of that! And you don’t need religion to have commen sense and realize this was an act of pure evil upon an innocent child! Peace and blessings to all, may God guide us and forgive us all.

  18. To yo mamma, YOUR MOMMA. should be ashamed to raise you to think like that and to who ever let that post be put on here should be ashamed. A poor little boy was killed and his family has to go on with out him. R.I.P. little one. May god be with this family.

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