Oct 122011

Famed Romanian-born photographer Irina Ionesco snapped controversial photos of her 11-year-old daughter Eva and delivered them to the European edition of the famous men’s magazine, Playboy.

Eva Ionesco

Eva Ionesco entered showbiz when she was just 11 (Credit: internet)

The initial photoshoot that appeared on the magazine back in 1975, showed the child on a deserted beach, but that issue was withdrawn off the market a few days after publication.

Just two years later, Eva appeared in the European branch of Penthouse magazine as well.

Grown-up Eva Ionesco tells her story in My little princess movie

The provocative snapshots were taken by her mother Irina, who managed to shock the society at that time. However the pictorial manages to trigger frenzy also nowadays. Eva instead, has remained marked for life because of those pictures and now puts the blame on her mother for “stealing her childhood”.

My Little Princess is a film that depicts the life of Eva Ionesco and its premiere takes place on October 22, 2011 during the French Film Festival in Romania.

Update 2012: Eva Ionesco Sued Her Mother Irina Over Photo Scandal

Eva appeared in photo sessions when she was aged between 4 and 12



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  1. I see here that there are many topics about people from Romania (this article, Christina Verona, Roxana Ionescu etc.).
    I enjoy this interest, especially that is coming from overseas (over the ocean) whether for there are good or bad topics about my country. Somehow, I wanna ask if at the FoxCrowl team there any Journalist or editor with Romanian origins, because I see that is very well informed of what’s happening here in this country of the Eastern Europe (so far from America) ? ūüôā

    • Hi Simon. To shed a bit of light here!! Yes, indeed as you anticipated, one of the (main) publishers at foxcrawl.com is…100% Romanian (did not give up citizenship…yet:) ). However the respective editor has been now living for about 10yrs in Western Europe, i.e. Amsterdam, NL. The website is hosted in U.S. but the admins are based in The Netherlands. That’s why many topics are related to either Romania (topics in “Other” category) or Nederland. Usually the romanian community hold many debates about country’s situation with many people getting outraged, frustrated, amuzed, etc…probably also like you and other people overseas (U.S. & co). Therefore almost everyone is informed about his/her country of origin; many travelling back to Ro, others watching satellite, communicating on phone or using Facebook groups (e.g. roemenie.nl, or romanians.nl, etc).

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