Nov 172011

20-year-old student and activist Aliaa Magda Elmahdy sparked controversy and attracted criticism in Egypt after she uploaded racy photos of herself on her own blog. Aliaa’s deed aimed at making the world aware about the limitation of free speech for the Egyptian people.

Aliaa Magda Elmahdy photos triggers outrage of Egypt's conservative Islamic world

Aliaa Magda Elmahdy photos triggers outrage of Egypt’s conservative Islamic world

It is obvious that nudity is harsly forbidden even under art aspects in a country based on Islamic fundaments.

Elmahdy explained first on her blogspot blog that the pictures -which feature her standing and wearing just stockings – can be considered “screams against a society of violence, racism, sexism, sexual harassment and hypocrisy.”

Aliaa Magda Elmahdy’s website recorded an overwhelming number of visitors, about 1.5 million, since she uploaded the images shortly ago (end of October).

The posting of the images occurs just shortly before the 85-million-people nation prepares for the parliamentary elections on November 28 when the liberals are competing with Islamists.

Aliaa Elmahdy sparks another revolution with pros and cons on Facebook, Twitter, etc

Aliaa Elmahdy sparks another revolution with pros and cons on Facebook, Twitter, etc

In consequence Elmahdy’s photos caused irritation to liberals who fear their image will be degraded in the eyes of the conservative people. It is understandable regarding the fact that members Members of Salafis Islamic movement in Egypt had already alerted the voters during their campaign that liberals will corrupt Egypt’s morals.

Now tough discussions errupted on Twitter under the hashtag #AliaaPhotoRevolutionary with a flood of “pro and con” comments still posted days after egyptian woman’s pictures spread across the web. One supporter named Ahmed Awadallah, praised her in a Tweet, writing, “I’m totally taken back by her bravery.”

Another supporter, Emad Nasr Zikri, wrote in a comment on Aliaa’s blog, “We must learn how to discriminate between nudity and s…” He added that ahead of fundamentalist current in Egypt, “there were nude models in art school for students to draw.”

Over the social network debates, Aliaa Magda Elmahdy (@aliaaelmahdy) claimed using her real name and that she took the racy pictures by her own. Apparently she uploaded also other spicy photographs and sent various messages about free artistic expression in efforts to warn about issues in Egyptian society.

Update 12/2012: Aliaa Magda Elmahdy (Alia al-Mahdi) in Stockholm protest

Who is Aliaa Ehmandy? CNN Cairo interview about her ideas, life, virginity, islam, etc
Aliaa considers herself an atheist. She has been sharing the last 5 months with her boyfriend, Kareem Amer, who, was put in prison in 2006 before a 4 year jail term in a highly security prison for blaming Islam and the regime of ousted president Hosni Mubarak.

Elmahdy: “After Facebook took down my picture, a male friend of mine asked me if I allow him to post it on Twitter. I agreed his idea because I am not ashamed of being a woman in a society which sees women only as objects harassed on a daily basis by males who don’t know anything about the significance of a woman…” Read the whole interview at



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  1. You are a very brave, and open mined woman. Also you are a very beautiful young Egyptian woman. More women from that area of the world need too speak out, and show the world the beauty of the women from the Arab world that everyone misses. The female body is a beautiful work of art, and has been that way since man first put paint to canvas. I would love to see more beautiful pics of you too. Your pictures are art, and not like most vulgar pictures you see in the world today. Would like to see more of you, and chat with you sometime in the future. Thank you, Aliaa very much for your pictures, and the stand youre making for the Arab women of the world.

    • it is not that easy to withstand a society formed mostly of muslims…that would require radical change of people.

  2. Aliaa…Sorry I forgot to add this for you… for email, and for yahoo messenger for chatting.

  3. Dear aliaa welldone . You have shown real naked face of egyptian society. Dont allow your country to fall in hands of fanatics.we whole world is with you for formation of new egypt new nation where every one is equals . Bravo bravo young angel.

  4. Moar!

  5. Nice titties!

  6. If she’s really successful and works really hard at it she may be able to bring “Slut Walk” to Egypt, that would really make the country and the world a much better place, heh.

  7. Another featherbrain bimbo joins the world of immoral feculent feminists.

  8. timro bubu , nango badan ra puti dekhda thankyo yar….kasto chikna man lagyo….aba timi lai ta paudina…afnai swasni chikchu

  9. Take Care and Wish you all Success.

  10. removed link….

  11. I may suggest aliaa to shave pubic hair before expose herself. It might be more natural…
    Love to …….her, …..

  12. aalia,how u did that,u dont know u havent more days in this world,u dont know whts ur pareents veiw,u dont know they a[[reciet now but they cant save u when u burnt in fire of hell….please save ur self…

  13. Aliaa,….your very revolutionary women in the Muslim world. My concern for the ration of your mind. Take care……

  14. sorry, shes not muslim.if all she wanted was to be free, theres no need to judge why muslim women need to wear hijab.just do whatever she wants;have sex, not wearing hijab..its up to her, furthermore, shes no longer a muslim.have it her way, allah knows better.having sex with a man 40 years older?.shes only 20 but mentally ill…dont be so proud of having ur own opinions n being so brave, u will pay for what u did aliaa…u’ll see…

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