Dec 032011

A disturbing video uploaded initially on Liveleaks and Youtube features a sick individual feeding his python with a…living kitten. Because of the cruelty of the images, the footage was meanwhile withdrawn from most websites.

Python Christmas

Burmese pythons are among world’s largest snakes (public domain)

The footage called “Python Christmas” highlights a sicko guy in his 20s holding a playful cat in a Santa hat and then dropping it on a bed. Somewhere under a pillow was resting a Burmese python known as one of world’s biggest snakes which can reach up to 6 meter in length.

The 4-month-old kitten whose name was Jasmine is not aware of the danger but the owner distracts her attention and pushes her closer to the reptile. At a certain point, when the little cat got close enough, the python acted rapidly in its characteristic style, by biting, coiling and crushing the cat. It does not take long before the kitten stops moving desperately its tail while the snake eats her whole head first. Even when the playful animal screamed in agony, the sadistic owner was not impressed and turned the music louder -Little Drumer Boy Christmas song.

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The 7-minute video was first posted on website Flix under an account from Islington, London.
The British authorities opened an investigation claiming that when identified, the sicko might face 6 months in prison plus a 20000 pounds fine for cruelty to animal. Now, many may wonder about the legality of possessing dangerous reptiles as pets, but the authorities are perhaps the most entitled to provide answers in this regard!

June 1, 2012: Python Christmas sicko turns into cannibal, chased by Interpol
Montreal crime case: The Python Christmas psycho a.k.a. kitten-killer was identified as 29-year-old Rocco Luka Magnotta. Police took notice of him in December 2011 but dropped the case because it was outside their jurisdiction. However the situation progressed now to a more scary level as Magnotta is being chased internationally by police for cannibalism charges after allegedly killing and eating a man in Montreal, Canada. Furthermore Magnotta is suspected for mailing his victim’s body parts to various addresses across Canada, including headquarters of political parties.
June 4, 2012: Kitten killer Luka Magnotta arrested in Berlin

Note: Original video of boy from Islington, London, UK, feeding kitten to Burmese python, has been meanwhile taken down off the web!!!



  153 Responses to “Shocking video: Python Christmas – Psycho feeds python with live cat Jasmine”

  1. Wouldn’t it have been animal cruelty if he let the snake starve? People even pet shops feed rabbits to snakes, why not cats?

    • difference is: those rabbits, rats, mice are dead at the time they are fed to the snakes (well in germany at least), they warm em up before the feeding

      • Not true, I buy live rabbits and rats for all my snakes because they refuse to eat dead unless I force feed them. It is just another meal for the snake.

        • Well your a cunt then mate

          • no you’re a cunt… it’s the circle of life

          • It’s not the fucking circle of life. Stop being such an ignorant motherfucker. DO YOU FUCKING ENDEAR THESE RODENTS BEFORE SHOWING THEM TO YOUR PET? DO YOU FUCKING PET THEM AND MAKE THEM TRUST YOU AND MAKE THEM LIKE YOU SO THEN YOU CAN TURN THEM INTO SNAKE CHOW? It’s not the snake’s fault either, it was doing exactly what any other would have done. BUT THE PERSON IS THE PSYCHO. I HOPE HE BURNS IN HELL AND SATAN EATS HIS BALLS. There IS a difference between feeding a fucking live cat and a rodent. You’re just too fucking ignorant to notice you’re trying to be scientifically correct, and totally forget that there are breakthroughs. FUCKING WATCHING AS A POOR BABY CAT GETS EATEN AND TAKING PLEASURE IN IT IS SICK. Stop standing up for this sadist psycho and see that there is NOTHING normal in taking pleasure from such thing, you bastard.

          • Shut up hippie! Idiots like this make me lose all faith in the world. You don’t like this video for one reason: It’s a cute little kitty. Well what’s the difference between that and the cute little pinky mice that are so newborn that they can’t even open their eyes yet that I feed to my corn snake? Yes, there’s the option to feed them dead mice but the ONLY reason store owners do that is so the dumb snake doesn’t try to eat the mouse alive and get torn up from the inside. You know how that happens? RETARDS LIKE YOU WHO RAISE SNAKES TO GO AGAINST THEIR INSTINCTS AND UNTEACH EVERYTHING NATURE HAS EVOLVED THEM TO BE!

            I truly mean this and I want you to know I am dead serious. I hope you get killed by something in the wild. Maybe then you’ll understand that this world is outside what you understand in your cozy fucking life.

            Seriously though…die

          • (this is aimed at the idiot ‘Josh A’

            if, you want the snakes to actually maintain their natural personality and ‘circle of life’ and all that. Then you shouldn’t have them as pets!!! you should let them be free, you completly contradicted yourself!!!!

            anyway, that kid is a psycho he has chopped someone up and is on the run!

        • It’s illegal in England to feed your snake live food so you could quite easily be reported for feeding live food! I have snakes but i wouldn’t feed live and anyone that does hasn’t tried hard enough to feed them frozen thawed!

          • Alternately you could get some live prey, snap its neck and immediately throw it in there with the snake. Works wonders if they refuse to eat the frozen thawed prey. But honestly there is nothing wrong with live feeding mice or rats. Even a bunny or ginnuea pig if your specimen is very big. Its part of a snakes instinct after all. Now cats on the other hand thats just psychotic.

            And before anyone starts b*tching that snapping the rodents neck is cruel too, its the fastes and most painless way to kill it. Its gonna get fed one way or another. So killing it in this fashion is a mercy. If you cant understand that then you are very ignorant and you can cry me a river for all I care.

      • There is another difference. Rodents are not domesticated animals like Cats and Dogs that live as part of our extended families.
        Furthermore, Pythons should not be allowed as pets in civilized societies.

        • Are you saying that rats, mouse, rabbits … are not domesticated?? That they’re not pets?? Which world do you live in? In a world of onlycatsanddogs? I don’t have a cat, or a dog, I don’t like them and I will never have, but I have two pet rats and gerbils, a friend of mine has a rabbit, and they`re much more intelligent and sociable with their owner (specially the rats) than a cat is.

          They have the same right to live that the cat. If that person wants to give a cat to his python, he can breed them as people breed rabbits and rats. The wrong thing in this video is to film that in that way and make a spectacle of it, laughing of it. Morbosic ….

          • Are you a fucking moron? Forcing a cat to be eaten alive by a snake and filming it is just sick. Animals are more innocent then humans will ever be. We deserve it more than the animals do. We don’t even need meat to live. Circle of life? You’re living one disgusting life.

          • Let me guess you’re a vegan right? I’m so sick of this whole we don’t need meat bullshit. Humans are Omni-vores. Meaning we are biologically evolved and equipped to consume a wide variety of foods. You think we got canines in our mouth just cause their pretty? Homo-Sapiens evolved on a diet of meat fruit and vegetables. This diet played a very important role in the development of our brain. wich became larger in part due to the consumption of animal proteins, a.k.a. meat. And while we can substitute a lot of nutrients in our modern society, thats just what they are. A substitute. Wich is never as good as the real thing. Now if you want to toss meat out of your diet for whatever reason thats fine, but get the hell off that high horse you rode in on and stuff those bullshit vegan comments.

        • And you’re saying that baby chicks and baby budgies are not domesticated??! Budgies are the most owned pet bird in the world, and so many sickos are feeding these birds, screaming in pain while they’re being crushed.

          Some guy on youtube fed his snake 12 baby chicks, and everyone’s cheering him on.

          What’s the difference between a cat and a bird? If so many sickos can jeer and laugh at how a bird is killed, then it’s only fair that a cat do the same. Hypocrites everywhere.

      • rats, mice are dead at the time they are fed to the snakes (well in germany at least)

        willst du mich verarschen du bekommst in jeder tierhandlung lebendes futter…

    • Snakes eat people to. Wanna try???

    • hope the rspca act on this and use there power and have him convicted and send him to prison the inmates there will sort him out believe me i know what they do to his type inside

    • You are just as sick to think that it is natural and OK to feed a snake a cat, especially in a captive environment.

    • Well it’s different, this guy have others videos.
      You can see him killing 2 kittens in a plastic bag, you can see him drowning a game tied up on a broom.

    • you are an idiot. the difference is the betrayal and deception of the kitten. its unconscionable. he was affectionate with the cat, played with it, made it believe it was safe and loved- and then sprang that deadly deception onto it. the fact that you could not sense everything I’ve just described on your own shows just how sick and depraved you really are.

      • Are you really saying that what he did wrong was betray the cat’s trust? I’m pretty sure the cat was much more concerned about being swallowed whole.

    • your a fucking retard.. thats all i got to say.. dumbass

    • Are you serious about feeding kittens to snakes? What if someone threw you into a big snake who crushed you and ate you

    • True, because Kittens/Cats are common house hold pets, its sickening to do this. Because they are adorable, means he is a sick person. Now he is a worthless piece of shit, for the crimes he has committed, but before this was normal. However, his intentions was sickening, he wanted that cat to die, he enjoyed it. But its normal, if all your doing is feeding your snake.

  2. but they dont film it in that way and put it on internet




    • Its not natural for one animal to eat another?? dude on what planet do you live on??

      • Don’t you recognize sarcasm when you see it?

        I don’t see the difference between feeding a python a live animal or feeding it an animal that you killed ‘humanely’ earlier.. Apparently Brits don’t watch Animal Planet..

        • I wonder what you would choose if you were given the option to either be killed instantaneously with a gun to the head, then eaten by a shark.

          Or instead, just throw you into a tank with a shark while you’re alive.

        • You’re a stupid sick heartless fuck who deserves to burn in hell

  4. My only hope is that all the sorry excuses for human beings who were involved in this DIE A VERY SLOW PAINFULL DEATH ! What was your moral excuse for not only putting that animal through that in the sick sadistic sly way you did but filming it for your own sad kicks. Obviously not loved by your ugly mothers !

  5. dont anyone dare try to stick up for this sick psychotic act of humanity. this is DISCUSTING and if i got my hands on the sicko who did this i swear to god i would put him through the most horrific pain ever felt towards a human being. this is beyond any act of cruelty and the sicko who did this are the people who others look down to in society because they are messing up the entire human race. cant explain the anger i feel toward this sick human.

    • RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!

    • One might argue that not doing this is disgusting…
      It is only natural. As far as I know, snakes in wildlife don’t buy their meat in the supermarket. Speaking of which, wait untill you hear the story behind the meat that is in your dinner. It usually involves mass production and a level of cruelty that make this kitten’s fate a blessing.
      What you eat used to be a lot of cows/pigs/chickens, given just enough space to breath, on a ground that is really bad and extremely painful to stand or lie on. Any at least somewhat educated person knows that. At least this kitten hasn’t suffered for its entire (although unfortunately short) life.

      • It is natural out in the wild. Snakes should not be kept as pets. And what he did to this kitten was nothing short of barbaric. Fuck him, I hope he dies a very long and drawn out painful death.

        • So when the exact same thing happens in the wilderness, it is okay, but it is not when it happens in a home? Why does location matter so much?

          • Well in the wild your not going to have sick t*** feed a kitten to a snake whilst recording it with crimbo music in the back ground are you?? This wasnt done to stop the snake from starving….this was done because the guy in the vid gets off on seeing kittens suffering

          • Cause you fucking idiot out in the wild you dont play with a kitty and then feed it to the snake while laughing and capturing it on video you sick fucks. Thats what makes this fucked up the fact that hes recording it and laughing if you think that this person isnt sick in the head then you’re more fucked than he is. Im going to say this plain and simple if you think its okay to playfully pet a kitten then feed it to a snake all on video and post it for people to see you’re a fucking sick fuck and if i ever meet you in life i will make you wish a snake would eat you alive to put you of your misery

        • It´s just so easy everybody. Despite if it is nature or not, the fact that this sick bastard is filming it and enjoying it, that is sick! When a lion eats a deer, it´s nature, i agree. But still i´m not going to film it and laugh psychotically while filming! End of story!

      • Dear Marco,

        In the wild, yes this would be OK. Nothing we can do about it. Its the circle of life. However, this “neglected in need love” human being trapped the defenseless kitten (repeat for emphasis) DEFENSELESS with no chance of fighting for her life as meal for the python. Thats not how business goes in the wild life. Its not the location that matters, its what goes on in the location. In the wildlife, nobody traps prey in a santa hat and brings it to a confined place, plays with it and distracts it so the python can have its way. Lets put it this way so you see the picture, you are swimming in the ocean and get attacked by a shark. Well, its horrible what happened and we feel sorry for you, but you were in the ocean and well, there was a shark. Sharks live in the ocean. What are we going to do about it. Luckily for you, we saved you just in time and no major damages were caused. You just have a few scratches here and there. Now, imagine we tricked you and took to shark infested waters, distracted you even though you were wary and then dumped you. Imagine we still had a chance to save and shoot the sharks or God knows what comes to mind, but instead we filmed it and played christmas music. Do you see the picture now? It was not natural selection, or was it? Obviously the sharks are going to attack you, and eat you.
        Do you see the picture now?
        Next thing we know this person will be abusing people. This is a neglected human being with the IQ of a pig.

      • Man, we’re not talking mass cruelty production we are talking taking pleasure from cruelty, which is sck to the bone, and yes, he should be buttfucked in jail by a monster snake-cock for the innocent pleasure of life convicts.

    • AMEM ARAN!

    • Exactly!! You say exactly how i feel!!

      Id like to see the reaction from these sick people that dont understand the vulgarity of this, if it was a human baby that was being fed to the snake rather than a baby animal.
      (animals do have feelings, they get scared just like we do, hurt just like we do, have parents etc JUST LIKE WE DO)

      Its sick how people think that its ok to treat animals this way when they would have a comletely different attitude if it was related to humans!!
      people who get involved in animal cruelty need to be tried in america! never mind 6months in prison.. God i wish i could just come accross people like this.. i would honestly do time just to show them what i think and what they deserve!

      P.s. wild animals may have to eat eachother to survive, but thats life in the wild for u, and the key word there is TO SURVIVE.
      They are not there for sick and twisted misdemenors by human beings, whether for entertainment or venting purposes!!
      Who the fuk are we to play god!!
      The best way to feed a wild animal is to feed it an animal that is allready DEAD period!!

    • Cut that guy some slack, it’s not like he killed someone, it was just some worthless animal.

      • He DID kill someone, Google “Luka Magnotta”. He filmed himself killing a man, decapitating him, then raping his corpse. Being dismissive about this particular video just because it’s not happening to a human is hugely ignorant- it’s common knowledge that animal abusers are highly likely to move on to abusing/killing humans when they stop getting the same “kick” from hurting animals. :/

  6. He should get 100 lashes with the cat whip. Sadistic little bugger :/

  7. This person is not human it was done for pleasure,apparently there is another video of them drowning a kitten tied to a broom handle,how warped in the mind is this person.hope the press track them down.

    • I also heard that and i don´t know if it is true, but if it is, then we should stick a broom up his ass and drown him while HE is being strangled by a python!

  8. If someone write the exact address, I will come from Italy directly to her house to explain to her some thing… in my way!
    God curse you!

    Sorry for my english… I’m italian and also here this video making much talking!

  9. Snakes are not soo dangerous, if you care for them properly. To one of the comments people who own snakes don’t feed them live kittens and post it virally, over the internet, because they aint sick weirdos. Also generally the animal is already dead. So they’re not alive to actually feel having they’re neck snapped or being bitten.

  10. While it’s true that carnivores must eat other animals to survive, the issue isn’t that the snake ate the kitten, but that the kitten was not killed in a humane fashion. That’s why the law was violated.

  11. His name is Luka Magnotta, he is Canadian. He loves the Russian mafia, he travels and lives off wealthy males or women. he is into gay porn. he kills kittens and other animals. he may have killed people too.

  12. I think the bigger picture here is not just the fact he fed a live kitten to his python, but the whole disturbing episode ..the santa outfit, the way he plays with the kitten first, his mind is not right at all and most uncomfortable of all is that little drummer boy playing in the background which is the song that Myra Hindley had playing when she tortured a 10 year old on tape the files about it , this guy is a sicko and god knows what they are capable of when they get bored with kittens !

    • it’s understandable when snake eats cats,,even alive,,,that’s a survival matter. However humans are considered a more developed specie and should have a different behaviour than that revealed by the video, otherwise they became a little psycho.

  13. I don’t get people who think that it is normal to feed a kitten to a snake! Ok, in the wild it goes that way. So what? We are a (I may hope) civilized community! If you think like that then we logically should asume not to kill cows, because in India they are holy. Are should we all marry ten wives because in some parts of Africa it is allowed??? Come on, don’t you people know by now what are the limitations and how we should act like caring human beings? That is what is wrong with the world. Maybe we should just hang the bastard. Cats and dogs are not wild creatures, after so many years of being our best friends, we are supposed to protect them, not feed them to wild creatures! This guy should be served to a Python, or the Lions in the zoo.

  14. can’t believe it… i think it’s normal, that one animal eats another, but to play with the cat and give it to the python for killing it in front of the camera is unnormal.

  15. the problem is not that the snake is eating the kitten, the problem lies witht he owner of the snake + kitten. If you look at the video closely, you can see that he or she was pushing the kitten towards the snake. Its normal for a snake to feed on life rats, mice or rabbits. But this is so wrong in many ways, you cant delibertly force a cat on a bed and push it towards the snake for ur own amusement, to see wether the snake will eat the kitten.

    someone made a comment about about snakes eating rats, mice, or rabbits, its nature for animals to feed on others. Its not new, its how it is. but this is just not ok.

    dont know what crossed there minds to do this

  16. Feeding a snake i can understand… feeding cats is possible also. (still dunno why because rabbits/rats are cheaper)

    But not if its just for fun. And yes this is for fun or else you would tape it + they also found a movie of the same person where (s)he is drowning a kitten.
    So for all the smart asses here who thinking this is just for feeding the snake and not torture the kitten…. Buy some brains…

    • Unfortunately this happens, kittens are free all over many countries so is very possible for persons to receive kittens to feed to reptile. I do not do this as I own small animals but I have heard of this happening in many areas.

  17. fucking sick idiot ho dit this i f i know who you are and i am going that i
    i break al of your bones and then i slowley kill you and feet you to an phyton you fucking sick idiot

  18. Snakes should not be pets. PERIOD. What this guy did was psychotic. Yes, snakes eat creatures in the wild and that’s the way it should be. But this guy most likely rescued this kitten from a shelter. This furbaby didn’t deserve this. He needs to be tied up and have gas poured all over his groin area and maybe turn the music up when he starts screaming from anguish. And since he is into gay porn and having things shoved up his ass, stick a metal rod in a fire and shove it up his ass. Animal abuse makes me cry, but man I was so livid when I watched this that I couldn’t shed a tear. Shame on this poor pathetic excuse for a human. I wonder if he has harmed any humans?

  19. Congrats to the person who made the video. I am now inspired to go out and set bait, lure snakes and use bird shot with 12 ga. (slow bleeding death) until I reach 100. Keep posting sadistic videos and know that the animal you love is now going to decrease in population.

  20. I love how people are missing the point of people’s outrage. Yes, a snake eating a live animal is natural, but who in God’s name sits there with a video-camera and WATCHES? Hell, he could’ve just put the cat in the snake’s tank and left it be. But on a bed, after playing with it? Someone needs to get to a shrink, immediatly.

  21. Why name somethings food if it was just meant to be food? Pretty sure you don’t play with rats and name them before you feed a snake…..
    Just another douche doing sadistic shit to become infamous on the interwebs

    • because the rage is “outdated”, the video is too old and was probably debated at that time.

      • Yeah I doubt that, it had like 40 views when I saw it in 2 years. Now that I have posted it on some news sites, its had almost 400. Funny how this has been there forever and nobody cares, but this other video is some big horror story. Also funny how there are videos on youtube of live rodents being consumed and nobody cares. Animal activists can be extremely hypocritical, this is a great example of that.

  22. This is vile. There aren’t words to describe this. But this proves that this man isn’t human. He is a demon from hell. I know it’s natural for snakes to eat rabbits, mice and rats and whatever else but a KITTEN? That is NOT natural. And anyone who says it is natural is almost as bad. That cat was barely months old and had it’s life taken away from it before it even lived. It’s just sick. Sick and twisted and vile. And he just sits there with a video camera. There are a lot of cruel things in the world and this is right up there with them. This wasn’t done by a human being. This was done by a monster.

  23. It is natural for snakes to eat meat. They are carnivores. It is natural for them to eat LIVE PREY. It is UNNATURAL for them to eat pre-killed animals. That’s what vultures do. Feeding his pet snake a live animal was the correct way to feed it, because that’s what they EXPECT to eat by their NATURALLY BORN INSTINCT! He fed his pet snake and posted the video online, so what. It’s not a video supporting animal cruelty, but rather the very opposite. It would have been cruel to let his snake starve. It would have been against the natural order of things to feed it a dead animal, when it would be expecting to have to kill and eat a live one.

    The ONLY reason this got any headlines in the news is because he bought the kitten at a pet store, and therefore it legally has the word “pet” attached to its name, and under the law a “pet” must NOT be fed to another animal (whether or not that other animal is also a pet doesn’t matter). It’s a DUMB feature of the animal cruelty law that does NOT stop animal cruelty. It doesn’t stop sickos who burn or beat or cut their pets, like the rest of the animal cruelty law. This useless clause of the law just bans using a “pet” as food for another animal. So if you buy an animal at a pet store it automatically has the word “pet” attached to it under the law, and all of the legal protections that come with that. If he’d found a baby cat out in the wild of a jungle grabbed it and fed it to his pet snake, he would NOT have broken any law because a wild kitten wouldn’t have the legal protection of being a “pet”.

    He’s only a sicko in your minds because you are puppets of the law and of the government, and anything the law says is bad you think it is indeed bad because to you the law is like God. So when the government says he’s an evil man who deserves big prison time, you not only accept that the law says so, you actually believe it because “the law says so” and to your pathetic small mind the law can’t be wrong. and then you go around parroting to everyone else “this guy’s bad because he fed a pet kitten to his pet snake” as if it’s your own idea, but it’s not your own idea. You have been BRAINWASHED by the government! Learn to start thinking for yourself, and don’t let the government think for you. If you let the government think for you, you will become SLAVES to the government! Don’t let the government rule your life, and take away your rights. Don’t believe everything the government says, because the government is a bunch of liars and crooks who don’t care about anything but getting rich and staying in power! That statement describes a dictatorship, but my point is ALL governments are dictatorships! And the fact this guy was arrested just for properly feeding his pet snake is PROOF of that fact!

    • Cats are related tobig cats such as the tiger and lion but since then they are a domestic pet. Millions of people own cats. Snakes only NATURALLY eat rats, mice rats etc. but on ocassion in places like India or Australia if the snake is starving and is large enough it will eat a wildpig or something like that. Snakes do NOT eat kitten. Sure it’s as small as a rat or rabbit and the snake was just doing what knows. It’s not the snakes fault. That man who took an innocent creature and fed it alive to a python. The difference is if you keep a snake like that you will buy it’s food from special places. You do not just take a kitten no older than 4 months, play with it on a bed while a python sneaks up on it, crushes it and eats it while you just sit there and film it then upload it onto the Internet. No normal person does that. It is illegal and the RSPCAhave every right to track him down and lock him up for what he did. Their not the only ones who want to do the same. Trust me, many people want to kill him to what he did that animal.

      • wrong, there are some snakes who eat big cats. The Anaconda sometimes feeds on jaguar if its very big, the average female reticulated python feeds on leopard and malaia bears when he passed the 6-7 Year of live. The animals get 30 though.

        Huge reticulated python (6,5-7 meters +) are proven to fight tigers, and not only in that 1 black and white video, whish is most likely half a fake. They really feed on adult tigers when the size of the snake fits. They are also 100% sienctifically proven to have eaten Humans and try eating humans. There was 1 case in the US when a retic killed and tried to swallow a zoo keeper. A staff member recognized it and freed his corpse from the snake. So just that you understand.. snakes eat EVERYTHING when they are big enough. Although in the video we got a burmese python, whish does not get very big. Probably 4-5 meters and the videos python is very small.


  24. It’s not about the law or the government this sick moron did this for his own self gratification no other reason, all the people who think this is ok are missing the point it’s not about feeding the snake.
    i’d feed this person to the lions see how he likes it

  25. All this excitement about a kitten? Sorry, guy and gals, that’s just ridiculous!
    As some people already said, the python eats live prey. Whether its meal is a cat, kitten, rat, mouse or bird, does not matter at all.
    Yeah, a kitten is just sooooo cute. Rats or mice on the other hand are just disgusting, aren’t they? Don’t you all see that this is such a miserable double standard of morality?
    A mouse or a rat suffers as much as a cat, when the python devours them. Just because they are not covered (or are they?) by your stupid pet protection law, you all can’t care less about their fate. But a kitten… oh my god… Have you ever thought about how cats train their hunting skills by playing – very cruelly – with their prey before they kill and eat their catch? Ah, that is just natural for a cat. So, what moral right do you have to damn the eating habits of a python while tolerating the behaviour of a cat? Nature is cruel, as are pythons and cats. Cats even more so, because they torture their play before the kill. Just because your preferences in animals make you consider a cat / kitten as nice and snakes, reptiles and other un-cute creatures as disgusting does not make cats / kittens more worthy of protection than the uglies.
    The only thing I would accuse this guy of would be that he recorded this feeding procedure and put it on the net, where children might get traumatized by watching it.

  26. The arguments for feeding a python a cat would be , snakes don’t eat dead things as readily ?
    They get fed other animals all the time .
    Cats eat , mice and birds furthermore they torture them before killling , them sometimes.
    I think its wrong on description , haven’t seen it yet and in the context of the other rumoured video of the cat being drowned , then its going to be out of cruelty .

  27. Are you people really serious? Snakes shouldn’t be allowed as pets in society? Why? Just because you don’t like them or their feeding behavior?… wake up call!… people feed live mice, rats, rabbits all the time! They’re called “feeders”. People breed these rodents for the sole purpose of feeding them to your pets. That’s the whole reason of their existance, to be fed to your pets!… they would’ve never been born in the first place if it wasn’t for that reason! Sure people make pets out of rodents and that’s fine. People also make pets out of pigs, goats , and cowz as well (which many people eat also). Some are bred for feeding, some are bred to be pets. I agree that feeding a cat to a python is sadistic. What is sadistic to one person might be normal in other countries. At least it wasn’t set on fire like many other tortured animals!…she didn’t go to waste that’s for sure! Poor thing, but life goes on and always will. As far as everyones biased opinions against reptiles, quit talking out of your a holes!… you’re just making yourself look exactly like what you’re talking out of!… now that’s RILL! Thank u!

  28. Note that even at that age the kitten was scared of the thing and had to be distracted by the sicko/nudged toward the snake. Cats can run 20 mph, so stop arguing that this is something that would regularly happen without human intervention. Of course, if you honestly believe this guy did nothing wrong, why not hire him to watch your kids? He’ll have a hard time finding work after he’s caught and google-searching his name turns up this video.

    • well.. google “Netzpython jagt” there will be a video showing a reticulated python hunting monkeys, hunting them actively (not waiting for prey but hunting it very fast).

      But the burnese is too slow for such things, so you are quite right.

  29. While I understand an animal eating another animal is the circle of life, I do not agree with the method or the fact that it was a kitten. Words cannot describe the sadness I feel, knowing that a defenseless kitten was devoured on camera, or that this psycho is getting off on this.

  30. Your all gay, and when i find this man im going to shove a python right up his ass and then poke him with a stick covred in poo, then make him eat a dead kitten that i ate first, after that i’ll break his feet, and get some other creeps to bum him to death, then i’ll eat him like a python, even if that means i’ll break my jaw like a snake

  31. I’m going to bum every body who comments on this. I am the worlds best bumder, and I will eat snake droppings then bum the pooey bottom with my penis. I’m going to bum youin the bum. I have even bummed elton John to death. I love bumming,espicially poo bums. I will eat the remains of a dead kitten then bum the pyton right in his bum…. BUMMING

  32. i’ll make him eat poo till he throws up and then i’ll make him lick that up and eat it, then i’ll let pythons eat his arms and legs

  33. i agree with you bumders, but i think to should tie him to a gaint kitten and make him eat it, then when he as ate it i will brake his knee caps then i will make a knee cap pizza and make him eat that and the i will bum him till his eyes bleed and make him drink the blood he crys then cut off his toes and make some anal beeds with them and put them up his ars then i will bum you ALL!!!!! …

  34. die snake fucker

  35. It isn’t even right…. He is a waste of time and space!

  36. I DONT WANT A DAMN SLIDESHOW YOU ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111111111

  37. snakes as pets need to be outlawed. as it is clearly shown in the video, it is completely impossible to prevent animal cruelty because animal welfare officers cannot be in every house with a snake to ensure snakes are fed only pre-killed food. the snake-owning community also makes very little effort to get it under control.

    and yes, this was animal cruelty. not only for the kitten, but also for the snake, who could have easily been the one killed if the situation had played out differently. even live rats can kill the snake during feeding. snake ownership is a breeding ground for cruelty to animals.


  38. i cant see the video D:

  39. I would kill her/him and that f…. snake!!!
    But very slow and brutal…

  40. Okay lets have a small nature lesson for those who commented here that do not seem to have the slightest idea of how nature really works. In the WILD if a python finds a cat and tries to attack and eat the cat, the cat has 2 scenarios that could happen to it. The first is the python tries to get the cat, the cat sees the python and runs away with NO ONE (hint hint) preventing the cat from running away. Second the python attacks the cat gets a hold of the cat and the cat becomes a meal all of which should know this if you actually have any education at all. In this video the poor kitten being no more then 4 months old which to inform you i am pretty sure a very defensive mother cat would’ve been around to defend her young having razor sharp claws and teeth to slice and dice the python to pieces if it got too close. Now before you think of anything about what I just typed, even a snake is not stupid they will not attack if they know any potential harm will come to them, with a very aggressive mother cat ready to fight to the death is there to defend her young it will probably not attack knowing it could be very hurt or even die. Now that the basics of HOW IT HAPPENS in the WILD has been talked about what happened in this video is very far from this fact the poor defenceless kitten HAS not mother to protect her and is forced to be on the bed with no where to go but one place in the python, THIS IS NOT HOW IT HAPPENS IN THE WILD IDIOTS. And for an example

    You are in the woods near a swamp and a anaconda tries to attack you you defend your self and get away with a few injuries but your alive in this scenario OR it attacks squeezes the life out of you and you die and you become snake food. As long as you are in its hunting grounds you are food regardless of being human. NOW someone takes you puts you in a room half filled with water up to your waist with nothing to defend your self no clothes nothing and puts the same 300 pound 24 ft long snake in the water so it has the advantage and during all this they film it and play Christmas music for you while you die. Chances of you living are less then that of this kitten that had no where to go.

    Point is what this man did here is not natural and never will be as long is something is done like this in the a human controlled environment it is not natural, in order for it to be natural the animal must have a way to escape its fate.

  41. The person who did this should be hanged upside down on his own balls.

    And after 3 days he should be feed to the piranha’s

  42. For as long as I can remember, I’ve gone out of my way to bash in a snake’s head. I hate snakes and I will kill any snake I see, if it’s possible. If I can get ahold of this particular snake, it’s as good as dead. It won’t suffer, I’ll just take a machete to it’s head. No more kittens need die. Keep it in Burma where it belongs, Period. If you don’t like that, too bad.

  43. To all you smart arse circle of life/snakes have to eat folk… The guy has also posted a previous video of him killing kittens by putting them in a plastic bag and sucking the air out with a vacuum cleaner until they asphyxiate. He then kept them in his fridge until they were stiff and took pictures of him rubbing them on his penis! He also released another video, a couple of days after this Python video, where he sellotaped a kitten to a broom handle and drowned the kitten in the bath. Your arguments about circle of life are very definitely missing the point of what riles so many people about this video. If you really wnat to talk cirlce of life then check out all three videos before jumping down peoples throats because they feel so disgusted by a video that they feel they have to comment. To most people this video triggers emotions of disgust, repulsion and concern for the perpetrator. These videos are a serious concern for many people. There is someone out there, I know his name, it’s easily searchable, doing this to animals but because of the Data Protection Act and the like he is still a free man and constantly posting on the Internet about his crimes. Seriously, spend 5 minutes on google, see what you come up with and then shove your circle of life/python has to eat theories right up your couch potato bottom!

  44. Kim, in relation to your post about the Baio Python video on MySpace. Thanks for posting that link when you did. As you said yourself, the video only had 40 views, hence no rage. Once you posted the link it jumped up to 400 so I think it was a case of people not knowing the video was even in circulation.

    You’ll now find the video has been deleted, the lady, who was actually a veterinary assistant has been reported to the relevant authorities for feeding a live kitten to a python, which if I understand correctly is illegal in America and I think it’s safe to say she will not be filming such videos and posting them on Myspace, next to pictures of her with her kids, again. A very foolish woman indeed!

    You did a good job posting it. Thanks

  45. Robert Stull.. waste of a post mate! We’re not in the wild. We’re in some dudes grotty bedroom and he is taking a domesticated animal and feeding it to a Python (which may well be domesticated but that’s not the point). The Python is not to blame. The cirlce of life is not the answer! The perpertrator is to blame and only him!

    Have you actually watched the videos? You know he is playing the same music in the background as Myra Hindley did when she killed a kid? You know he posts videos of himself on Youtube likening himself to Myra Hindley?

    Any Python/reptile owner who watches this series of videos and makes circle of life comments is clearly missing the bigger picture, is hugely lacking in knowledge of the subject and essentially giving reptile owners a bad name!

    And here you can help find him instead of posting innane comments!

  46. ….

  47. The only thing wrong about this is the fact that he played with it lovingly before doing it.
    In the wild, the cat would have been eaten anyway. It IS natural for any animal in a snake’s way to get eaten.
    But for this person to mingle with the kitten as if he cared for it, was ridiculous.

  48. you know alot of you peopel are ediots. bitches, of caurse it is part of the natural world that we live in. it is meant for that type of stuff. but what you assholes that dont understand the concept that THAT THIS BITCH, HAS A NICE TIME WITH IT AND LOVES IT AND LATER PUTS IT ON A BED, OH KITTY ITS ALL GOOD, AND THEN FUCKING LETS IT BE EATEN BY A POOR SNAKE THAT DOES WHAT IT IS SUPPOSED TO DO. YOU DONT TREAT A CAT LIKE THAT AND LET IT GET IT WORST NIGHTMARE. anyways stuff like this happens IN THE FUCKING WILDERNESS BITCHES, WE ARE LOOKING AT A MANS BEDROOM, HE OBVIOUSLY DID IT AS A JOKE, PUTS IT IN THE FUCKING STOCKING AND GVES IT TO THE SNAKE LIKE A CHRISTMAS PRESENT. lots of you people have no heart. AND THEN PEOPLE ARE GOING TO LOVE HIM BECAUSE HE PUTS IT ON THE INTERENET. AWW FUCK NO. it would be better if i saw a wild cart, not a home cat that has no idea of the real world, and see the wild cat be eaten by the snake in the wilderness.


  49. It is wrong to feed the snake a cat that you have gotten to trust you. but in the wild. a cat is the same as a mouse/rat/rabbit for the purpose of being dinner. I have a 9 foot burmese python, she eats 3 live rats every sunday. i breed my own rats, the only human contact hey get is when i clean the cages or feed/water them. it is nature, get over it.

    and also


  50. These stinking reptiles should all be made into boots. That jerk that feed one a kitten should go to jail for 10yrs. Damn things are eating everything that moves in Florida, if man can’t stop them, lack of anything left alive may. Stupid government should not allow such useless creatures into this country and where the hell are the animal rights groups? They seem to be useless when it really matters.

    • i think you are an idiot you have probably never even spent anytime with a pet snake so narrow minded. im betting your a cat owner

  51. look people animals eat other animals its just the way it works it was a clean kill there was no abuse cat rabbit rat or mouse. hey if some one sees a cat killing a snake no one cares

  52. And you must be a snake owner. How can that be called non abuse when the owner obviously pushed the cat towards the python you idiot?

  53. The ASS HOLE MOTHER F***ER who did this to an innocent cat will rot in Hell. Hell does exist. A person who is f***ed in the head and finds EXCUSES for what they do is not going to have a very “pleasant” afterlife. A lot of low-life, low IQ jack-asses here claiming it’s “ok” because people eat meat. Well in your own pea-sized, pathetic brains try to imagine that ANY violence is wrong. ADDING A NEW FORM OF DEATH AND VIOLENCE DOES NOT MAKE IT “OK”. And there are a lot of vegetarians in this world for that very f***ing reason. Go straight to hell. You surely will. Enjoy the Hell you will be going to after you FINALLY die and I hope you die IN A HORRIBLE WAY. YOU ARE MAKING SOME VERY NASTY KARMA FOR YOURSELF.

    • Your arguing from emotion and its not helping you. I agree this was wrong but lets leave religion out of this because i don’t believe in hell and your mixing Christianity with Hinduism which makes you sound stupid. Just stick to the facts, and if you were sincerely religious you would do something like, i don’t know, pray for him instead of wishing horrible violence on him like you already said there is no more room for in this world.

  54. this truly makes me sick, feeding that little defenceless kitten which has built up its trust for the human, to that evil snake in a captive environment, i truly hope the sadist pyscho who done this gets serious prison time for this.

  55. at the end the man is a complete cunt, why would you do that!

  56. On a serious note…couldn’t he at least have bought a better camera??


  58. apperently as of 2nd of june 2012, this guy also killed a chinese student in canada and cut him into pieces… interpol is searching for him right now… wow…

  59. This is all for the purpose of fame. I hope this guy gets fucking leathered and has to live with some sickening public humiliation.

  60. I’m most disturbed by the countless individuals who said they would beat, inflict horrible pain, kill, murder, torture, etc. this man. That’s just as sick and disturbing as what he has done. That mindset is no different than the depravity shown in the video. He needs to be arrested, and put in a place were he can no longer harm any living thing, as well as receive intense medical/psychological help. If you don’t think he has a right to do what he did, then you are hypocritical for thinking you have the right to condemn another human being to hate-fueled torture. I hope those of of you who spoke in that manner were only speaking out of emotional distress and anger for the injustice he committed, and wouldn’t actually do the things you wrote. That man needs help not hate.

    • He should not be locked somewhere far away. He should be killed. Do you have any idea what he’s done? To sink down to his level and be just as sick and disturbing one would either have to feed him to a python or murder him with an icepick, dismember his body and use it for sexual pleasure. Don’t defend the fucking psychopath. He should be killed. Words don’t even describe the insults I wish to call him.

  61. sir allah ine3alle walidine emoke al keleb ya rabi derob dinemok chi tonobila ou techouf ki adi tera lemok


  63. […] harsh world […]

  64. […] unbelievable

  65. This is not the circle of life. There is, in fact, a difference between feeding a python a rodent and a cat. Cats are domesticated animals and are geographically isolated from pythons (well, unless you one has a pet python and a pet cat). Therefore, pythons would never feed on cats in the wild. It is very widely known that snakes feed on rats, small mice, hares and other rodents. It is unnecessary to feed a python a small kitten. Therefore, in my opinion, Luke Magnotta is a psycho who poses a huge danger to society. To sum it all up, dear authorities, please just execute the god damned psychopath.

  66. animals don’t have rights enough with this liberal hippy crap

  67. Where in hell did he even get that Large Python Snake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. C’est pas choquant c’est juste un serpent qui mange un chat … O.o”

    nous on tue bien des vaches des chevaux des chèvres des cochons pour les mangers aussi .

    ceux qui disent que c’est scandaleux vous êtes hypocrites si il avait donné une souris tout le monde s’en moquerait pourtant la souris est aussi belle et intelligente que le chat …
    et comme quand le chat mange une souris tout le monde s’en fou

    donc moi jdis le serpent à fait ça parce qu’il avait faim donc

    Bon appétit 🙂

  69. google translat

    It is shocking is not just a snake eating a cat … O.o ” we kill many cows horses pigs goats for mangers too. those who say it is outrageous hypocrites if you are a mouse he had given everybody laughed at yet the mouse is as beautiful and intelligent as the cat … as and when the cat eats a mouse all nobody cares So I jdis the snake did that because he was hungry so GOOD EATING SNAKE 🙂

  70. Oh god So the dude was an asshole but the snake needed to eat and ummm how many rats or mice or whatever do you think it’s gonna wanna eat Big Snake = Bigger food? Cat Bigger Not normal to feed cats to snakes but I think the snake can eat whatever it wants if the snake was loose and found that cat the same thing would happen yeah what he did to the cat before was mean to make it trust him but Other than that the snake had a nice meal Kudos mr python you had a nice hot meal. And wtf ppl you think that snakes actually eat cold dead frozen food in nature? fuck no get it. Kill Psycho that is all

    • We take away kittens from their mothers to have as pets. If the mom cat was there, she would warn the kitten or at least notice the python and try to protect. It wasn’t a fair fight because of the human involved. The kitten was not old enough to protect itself, and it trusted the human that took over momma cat role. So yes, this is very sick. It’s more about this man’s power/control fantasy rather than feeding his snake. He’s trying to play God.

  71. Well, now that this guy has killed and dismembered his boyfriend, how do you look at his actions toward kitten killing? This animal abuse is where it all starts. He (luka Magnotta) killed the kittens in the plastic bag as well! He is a dangerous person who picks on those who are not able to defend themselves! If Canada had the death penalty, get a kitten to throw the switch!!!

  72. […] geplaatst door jubikelcats KLIK Onderaan op de pagina een gruwelijk filmpje van een ziek persoon. omg… om ziek van te worden […]


  74. So if he chopped the snake up to save the kitten in the end would people still be bitching is one animal’s life worth more than another’s?

  75. Snakes are way better then cats. In my opinion, every cat on the planet should be feed to snakes. And to the idiots who said that it was cruel to pet the cat before it bacame snake chow, would you have rather for the guy to have beaten the cat and feed it to the snake. That would have been better, then the cat would have been tenderized first.

  76. That guy needs to be shot down, I hope cops get that fucker. It always start with animal killing, and now he’s a cannibal chased down by Interpol. Yeah, shoot the fucker down. The world would be a better place.

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