Dec 162012

Three stars in China's sky amazed viewers on December 10, 2012

Unusual phenomenon in the sky of China where 3 Suns were seen earlier this month. Where did the stars come up from?

In several cities along China’s coastal region a very unusual phenomenon could be seen: the appearance of three suns in the sky. This strange atmospheric show occurs within a limited time window.

An inhabitant of the city of Nantong wrote on a local forum that he spotted an amazing show on Monday, Dec. 10, according to news delivered by the Yangtse Evening Post and cited by The Epoch Times. The pictures show the sun and two smaller light spots, simetrical and perfectly visible. Most people in Shanghai, Suzhou, Changzhou and Danyang photographed the stunning phenomenon which revealed two bright spots on either side of the Sun.

According to scientists, the two smaller suns are actually shadows of the sun. The phenomenon takes place for limited time from few minutes to even more than an hour and occurs rarely, only in certain circumstances. First, sunlight must pass through ice crystals in cirrus clouds located above the troposphere. Second, the clouds must be very thin to allow light to penetrate them. The fake astral stars can be seen only from a certain angle to the real sun.



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