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Just 2 days ago, Romanian celebrities Stefan Banica Jr. and Andreea Marin revealed that they decided to pull the plug of their marriage.

Andreea and Stefan Banica to split after a 7-year-marriage. Pic: Publimedia/Gandul.info

Andreea and Stefan Banica to split after a 7-year-marriage. Pic: Publimedia/Gandul.info

But now, far from Romania and the buzz created by their break-up announcement, Andreea and Stefan apparently agreed to enjoy their last days as a couple.

The stars traveled to Dubai together, but they are rumored to spend their holidays separately. They would even be accommodated in different rooms and in fact the only “thing” that keeps them connected is their 5-year-old daughter Ana Violeta. However, when coming back from vacation, they will live far away from one another.

There are also voices claiming that Andreea Marin would even like to move abroad with her girl, at least for a while, until healing from divorce ordeal.

According to celebrity media, Marin and Banica checked in at a luxury hotel, as usual, however they stay separated as she booked an apartment, while her hubby seems to be pleased by a “simple” regular room.

Sources close to the couple, claim that the twosome had been trying for long to repair their marriage at least for the sake of their little girl. They have never said what the motive of the split was and it’s unlikely they will ever talk about that, relatives say. A priest told journalists that the key factor in their break-up would have been a “temptation”.

Andreea Marin Banica posted divorce statement on Facebook on Thursday

Andreea Marin Banica posted divorce statement on Facebook on Thursday

Local media has written across the years that the singer had allegedly been involved in several extra-marital romances. Also Andreea Marin spoke at one moment about a difficult time in her life, when she was struck by a terrible depression that pushed her to suicide thoughts.

Up to a certain point, they overcame all troubles together. However, after a marriage of seven years, their life-paths seem to split.

The divorce announcement was not really a surprise for close friends. Months prior to posting the split message on their Facebook pages, Andreea Marin would have given up her husband’s family name, i.e. Banica. And she even changed her e-mail addresses…But anyway, these are just speculations.

Banica vs. Marin’s divorce seems to be as discreet as their wedding. Trying to avoid contact with media, they unveiled the divorce in a written statement on Facebook only at Otopeni airport right before getting on the holiday flight to Dubai on Thursday (Jan. 10). The [still] couple is believed to return back to Romania at the end of January. Moreover, local media claims that Banica would have proposed his wife a kinda confidentiality contract, an agreement by which they agree not to address disgraceful words to one another after divorce. And Andrea would have signed it. Therefore the separation might take place amiably by simply going to a notary.

Acquaintances say that Andreea and her husband have no reason to argue for property or child custody.
Nothing is clear so far, but according to other rumors, Andreea Marin would prefer to leave the country and move to Paris or Monte Carlo. Coincidentally or not, she seems to reiterate to path followed by her all-time rival, Mihaela Radulescu, known also as Banica Junior’s ex-wife.



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