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We just escaped the much advertised “end of the world” in 2012, but it appears that we have to face other apocalyptic dangers in the new year. Renowned forecaster Nostradamus would have predicted World War 3 to start in 2013, or in the forthcoming years.

Nostradamus has grim news for humanity. According to him, World War 3 begins in 2013

Nostradamus has grim news for humanity. According to him, World War III begins in 2013

New revelations claim that before World War III breaks out, mankind would be rocked by assassinations attempts on four presidents, and that would happen in 2012-2013. As 2012 has passed without troubles, it is “obvious” that 2013 is the year when, according to nostradamus-predictions.org, the upcoming great war should take place.

And the French seer was not the only one indicating the imminence of the Apocalypse. Also Russian mystic Grigori Rasputin foreboded the end of days coming in 2013, more precisely on August 23. However, it turned out he was wrong.

Additional predictions were delivered by German prophet Alois Irlmaier who claimed that World War III will sweep across Middle East after being seeded in the Balkans.

Probably one of the most realistic approach was given out by prominent Russian astrologer Pavel Globa in 2011 when he foresaw at a Moscow gathering that WW3 starts in 2014 shortly after the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. Considering the dramatic developments in the Black Sea crisis, which emerged just after the sporting event and saw Crimea splitting from Ukraine and joining Russia, Globa’s revelation is taken more and more seriously.

Nostradamus was born in Saint Remy de Provence, in southern France, on December 14, 1503. Known on his real name as Michel de Nostredame, he was a physician and pharmacist, but he reached fame after releasing his work “Les propheties” (the prophecies) which is believed to have predicted the greatest events of the world across the time. His work is made of quatrains, and many of them have been interpreted or translated in a wrong way.

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  1. World war III will happen in 2013. North Korea will be the prime instigator of this war. Russia and China will play a prominent role on the side of evil. It will not be the end of the world, however many people will die and the destruction caused by this war will cause many to believe the end is near. However good will prevail, but it will not seem this way in the beginning. It will take years for the side of good to recover from this very devastating war. Mother nature will play a big role in bringing peace and balance to all things living, as she will cleanse herself of the destruction mankind has brought to this world. She will prove that she is the one that establishes balance in all things living, and her power is above all else. Her strength is in the hands of her creator, God. This is my prediction.

  2. Come on, people! Do you seriously believe this, the people writing these pages are sad people with no lives trying to get attention by creating these ‘Revelations’… Do not believe this, and seriously.. This is unreliable a Page with 38 likes on Facebook, HOW RELIABLE people. Just trust me, if you were religious you would know that it is written in the Quran/Bible that God/Allah only know when the world would end. No one knows when it will end.

    • They are speaking of predictions for 2013 not the end of the world,

      Know we are heading right into a world war right now and great disasters are at hand for the USA, South America, Hawaii Islands, etc., far away as possiable is the safest route for you if you are in the USA. Yes there are Gods “Safe”acres scattered across the country but until Gods Army shouts from above everyone needs to protect themselves & loved ones NOW.

      Speaking of other countries yes that is a issue, but home grown terror shall rein upon USA as well, nothing can change this, it is time, the Earth as humanity will go through great changes soon and will again in due time.

      May God & Peace Be With You Always.


  4. And why are our money being taken then?
    Or over the whole world is crisis?
    Can anyone see what a chaos there is over our planet?
    All goverments over the whole world wants one religion and one world goverment.
    And no one wants to see it.
    We must take all from them even their money and technoligy or we are their slaves for eternity and all our childeren too.
    If we do nothing this earth will perrish.
    And it will die.
    I hope i am so wrong but the way things are now i doubt it.
    And everytime i shake it of many times and told myself it is not treu,their it comes right back in my face.
    We must stop them or we all be dead soon.
    Take our freedom back now or we will be their slaves or everything will perrish by their arrogants and greed.

  5. Money controls the world the banks control the money !!!!! look at this way, the banks have stopped circulating money so there is no growth hence the recession when the banks were lending money the economy was always in growth,.

    Now look at who’s controlling the banks and then look at England and Americas history pay alot of attention to the American Federal reserve.

    The world does not go to war for good reasons it goes to war to secure power and resources.

  6. The North Korean wants to unify the country so he will have control if so this puts chia in a global position to take over axis

  7. North Korea wishes to take over the country putting china at an advantage to take over Asia they can do business with Russia needing there oil and reserves not needing the u s as a consumer china is no stupid people they invented gun powder the wheel and first to use the lever It scares me that our government does not see the ramifications of the future leaving Iran to take Over Middle East we must initiate a stable policy to confront these issues

  8. you are all stupid the koreans are pointing nuclear weapons at the usa

  9. every saint has a past nd every sinner has a future……..believe it or not
    people are going crazy on very lill things, even if they talk about peace nd wisdom but all there is black hole in our dirty minds..i accept there are people who believe in “live and let live”. but lets face it there are very few who really believe in such things…nd consider your own lives ur own nature nd character.. we get angry over very lill things…we merge into fights every day..a common man has fallen under deep pressure of rich men and government. things are becoming chaos ..very soon this whole bulshit is gonna head over from us nd then …….
    rest is history(we had 2 world wars.)

  10. in the end WW3 will begin in the Middle East as a German prophet predicted. Somehow it would make sense considering the latest developments in the region.

  11. Third World War….?
    War is also created his direction… The half of world is already colored by red of blood.
    Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebnan, Libia, Pakistan, Somalia, and many other Africans and middle east countries crying with tears of blood. So I think the world war 3 is in the way of destruction continued……

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  13. Hello my names Timothy and i’d like to share my prediction about when a nuke war will happen.Im totally convinced that we will have one by 2014 or for sure 2018 and when we do i want all americans,leaders and black activist whom have wronged america to think about what they have done so-long have a nice trip.

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