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At least five people were injured after an ATR-72 airplane of the Romanian airline Carpatair overran the runway in Rome, Italy. A flight attendant and a passenger ended up in bad condition and they were taken to hospital (scroll down for photo and video).

Carpatair ATR-72 Roma incident

Two people got injured after ATR-72 passenger plane of the Romanian airliner Carpatair overrun runway at Rome’s Fiumicino airport

While landing at Rome’s largest airport of Fiumicino, the twin-engine turbo propeller plane appeared to be seriously troubled by strong wind gusts. 50 people were on board the ATR-72 aircraft which is built by the French-Italian manufacturer ATR. The landing gear was damaged during the crash landing procedure.

Italian news agency Ansa, unveiled that one of the wounded passengers suffered a fractured pelvis.

Investigators are now trying to find out the exact circumstances that caused the accident, and there are two primary hypotheses: either harsh weather conditions – strong wind gusts and rain -, or a pilot error.

Rome’s Fiumicino airport remained opened for air traffic, but one runway was closed.

According to Italian media, the partnership between Alitalia and Carpatair turned out to be very controversial in recent months following several incidents.

On January 22, a Carpatair plane performing a flight on the route Rome – Ancona, was forced to make an emergency landing at Ancona shortly after takeoff. Earlier that month on January 5, another plane that took off from Ancona returned to the airport due to pressurization problems that forced passengers to use the oxygen masks.

On 10 January, the company denied in a statement, any lack of reliability, denouncing an “unfavorable media campaign” fueled by the “pilots union” which is unhappy with the partnership with Alitalia.

In addition to the routes Ancona – Rome, and Pisa – Rome, Carpatair covers also the air traffic between Rome and Bologna as of January 2013.

“We are stunned by the number of faults and problems faced by this company. Moreover, I alerted the civil aviation authorities, but I have not received any response so far,” said Marco Veneziana, a national secretary of the union Uil Trasporti, for SkyTg24 TV channel.

In February 2012 Carpatair claimed the right to supply the air traffic for certain Alitalia domestic flights. The Romanian airline operates the flights using two 70-seat ATR 72-500 aircraft.

Video: Alitalian – Carpatair plane fails landing at Fiumicino, Rome

Alitalia Carpatair crash landing

Carpatair plane operated in partnership with Alitalia missed the landing at Fiumicino airport in Rome, Italy



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