Feb 192013

Model Reeva Steenkamp was killed by her boyfriend and Olympian Oscar Pistorius who fired four shots at her through the bathroom door at “Blade Runner”‘s residence.

Reeva Steenkamp

Reeva Steenkamp set to be buried on Tusday. South African model shot, killed by boyfriend Oscar Pistorius (Credit: news.com.au)

Despite the multiple gunshot wounds, Reeva was reportedly still alive after the rampage and was taken downstairs by the shooter.

Police said that a cricket bat featuring blood stains was also part of evidence in the killing incident.

Investigators are now trying to figure out whether the bat was used to assault Steenkamp or she grabbed it to defend herself. Another possibility is that Pistorius made use of the bat to break down the bathroom door.

Funeral service
Reeva Steenkamp will be buried during a private ceremony in her home city of Port Elizabeth. The same day Pistorius is due to face a new term in court.

Steenkamp burial takes place two days after South Africa’s national television broadcast a pre-recorded TV show presenting the model talking about her retirement from “Tropika Island of Treasure” where local VIPs compete for cash prizes.

The decision to broadcast the show needed “extensive deliberation” and “episode this week is aired in the memory of Reeva,” said show’s producer.

Reeva’s murder stunned South Africa, where Pistorius is considered a national hero as the first disabled athlete competing in able-bodied Olympics. He attended in the London’s Olympic Games and won two gold medals in the Paralympic Games.

News of the case has dominated period when Pistorius was arrested, although investigators disclosed just little about what, if anything, track runner said.
Source: CNN

Video: Reeva Steenkamp shot 4 times by Oscar Pistorius



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