May 022013

A shocking video recorded by a dashboard camera shows the violent crash of a 747 cargo plane in Afghanistan on Monday. All 7 crew members died in the accident (scroll down for video).

Bagram cargo crash

Dramatic crash of a cargo jet B-747 at Bagram airport in Afghanistan was captured on camera

The 3-minute footage begins with the giant Boeing 747-400 jet apparently getting altitude immediately after takeoff, at about 11:20 a.m., from Bagram Airbase.

But at second 11, the plane shows the first sign of troubles as it stall, balances from one wing to another and then falls from the sky.

At the second 22, the plane hits the ground, nose first, off the road before exploding on impact. The tremendous explosion released a large ball of fire and thick smoke.

The video which heated the internet appear to be quite puzzling as the reaction of the witnesses is unusual. The driver of the car fitted with the cam pulls over at 1:16 in the clip, and somebody exclaims, “Oh, f—!”

Then the vehicle is on the move again, and (probably the barking of) a dog is heard. Someone says, “All right, come here. Shh! Shh! Shh!” the car comes to a rest one more time.

Subsequently the car moves off road and gets closer to the crash location engulfed in dense dark smoke. Finally the video ends.

What could have caused Bagram crash?

Pilot and aviation expert Arthur Rosenberg says: “This was one terrible drop from the sky.” “It could have been a rock.”

“The plane just flat-out stalled. There’s absolutely no question about that.”
According to Rosenberg, excessive load in the rear of the jet might be one of possible reasons of the crash.

“It looks to me like the plane pitched up; the most likely cause would be too much load in the rear.” “The plane dropped below minimum controllable airspeed and started to roll.” “However it is too early to come with a clear conclusion.”

The authenticity of the footage could not be verified at this point. The date stamp of the camera shows 2013/02/01, but possibly that the time was not set properly.

National Airlines claims that the U.S.-based cargo Flight NCR102, had departed from Afghanistan’s Bagram Airfield bound to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, when the tragedy emerged.

“It was cargo flight with no passengers on board,” said a rep. of the company.

The 747 reportedly contained 5 armored vehicles being removed from Afghanistan as part of the withdrawal of U.S. army, said Shirley Kaufman of National Air Cargo.

The cause of the crash has not been officially announced; investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board as well as representatives of the Federal Aviation Administration and The Boeing Company offered to provide assistance to the Afghanistan Ministry of Transportation and Commercial Aviation in the investigation.

6 crew memeber originated from Michigan; their names were: Rinku Summan, Brad Hasler, Jeremy Lipka, Michael Sheets, Jamie Brokaw and Gary Stockdale.

The 7th dead person is Timothy Garrett from Kentucky.

A number of Taliban organizations claimed to have taken down the jet but the allegations could not be verified as some of them turned out to be false. Source: CNN

Video: Boeing 747-400 Cargo Jet Crashed at Bagram Airport Afghanistan (dashboard webcam)



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