May 112013

Terrifying moments for a couple from Florida who decided to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their marriage on a cruise in Mexico. But the great moments apparently turned into a nightmare when their speed boat was pursued by about 20 killer whales.

Rich and Laura Howard had part of a one in a lifetime experience during a celebratory trip in Mexico. While diving off the coast of La Paz, their dive instructor signaled for them to return to their boat.

The couple figured out they were being chased by several orcas.“I didn’t think killer whales. I thought, oh, it’s going to be a humpback, it’s going to be a sperm whale, something that we’ll see from a distance,” Rich Howard said.

The pursuit lasted like about one hour or so and at some points, the marine mammals came to just a few inches from the vessel. So close that sprinkled water on the boat every time they breathed out. “It was amazing to see them because they were 6-8 inches off the back of the boat. Every time they’d come up for a breath of air, they’d spray you.”

Video: Orca whales chase speed boat of Florida couple during Mexico cruise



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