May 132013

French actor Alain Delon does not seem to go through the best moments of his life. Being 77-year-old, and with a poor health condition after the divorce from his last wife, Rosalie, the actor revealed he was considering suicide.

Alain Delon revealed the reason for his depressive moments: the split from his wife, Rosalie, with whom he shares two children: “This rupture crushed me. (…) The idea of spending only a weekend in two weeks with with my kids, just kills me (…) So I will not let God choose the day of my death”, said the renowned French actor.

Delon described his poor sentimental condition:
“A part of me, which has always been more sensitive, is suffering: the heart. This situation is caused by a combination of things: a certain fatigue, the time passing, the lost friends, my age and dispersion of my family …” said the Frenchman.

Alain Delon

Alain Delon, (perhaps) the greatest French actor, appears to pass through depressive moments of his life (Wikimedia CC0)



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  1. Mr Delon? Maybe your children do not deserve to have such a whinny baby as a father…why don’t you go ahead and traumatize them some more?

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