May 262013

A video showing interesting statistics about how people worldwide use the Internet in just a minute, claims, for example, that in 60 seconds there are uploaded 27,800 photos on Instagram and many more on Facebook and six articles are published on Wikipedia.

Internet statistics in 60 seconds span unveil amazing data

Internet statistics in 60 seconds span unveil amazing data

Nowadays Internet traffic speed is not anymore a surprise, however reports over Google searches, tweets, Facebook likes, Instagram uploads, Amazon purchases, etc, are undoubtedly interesting.

Thus, in the 1 minute and 20 seconds video released by Buzzfeed website, we find out what really happens on the Internet in 60 seconds: it looks like during this period two million Google searches are performed worldwide, e-mails sent amount to an impressive figure of hundreds of millions (with more than half being spam), 278000 tweets are written on Twitter and a stunning number of videos are posted on YouTube.

Video: Internet traffic statistics in 60 seconds



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