Jun 192013

Adi Minune, one of the most renowned manele singers from Romania, was involved in a car crash Tuesday evening in the capital city of Bucharest. Following the accident, the singer wrecked severely his 200,000 euro Ferrari.

Adi Minune Accident Ferrari

Adi Minune survives the crash but his Ferrari was left wrecked

Fortunately, both the singer and driver of the other vehicle taking part in the crash, escaped unharmed and did not need medical attention.

The collision occurred at the intersection of “Stefan cel Mare” and “Calea Dorobanti”, in the proximity of the restaurant “Perla”. Minune, who was behind the steering wheel of his lavish Ferrari, collided with a Citroen C4.

The sports car was badly damaged, but the singer did not suffer serious injuries. Adrian Minune was subsequently subjected to a breathalyzer test and the result turned out to be negative.

According to police records, this is the third crash involving Minune whose last incident emerged in March 2013 when he hit a Mercedes while driving a BMW X6.

Police have opened an investigation trying to determine the circumstances that led to the accident.

Video: Adi Minune destroys own Ferrari in Bucharest accident



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