Jun 192013

Alexandra Stan, the Romanian singer best known for her hit “Mr. Saxobeat”, filed a criminal complaint against her agent Marcel Prodan and in consequence the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice has opened an investigation into the case.

Alexandra Stan

Alexandra Stan, a Romanian singer whose hit Mr. Saxobeat rocked the European music charts (Credit: rtv.net)

The singer accuses Marcel Prodan of blackmail, extortion, battery and repetitive threats aimed at determining her to give up part of the money she has earned from her concerts.

“Amid disagreement backgrounds, the victim was threatened and beaten on 14 and 15 June 2013 by her manager who wanted her to give up material benefits resulting from her musical performance. The earnings claimed by the singer have been collected by the company owned by Prodan,” it was said in a statement released by the press office of the High Court of Cassation and Justice.

Saturday, the impresario brutally beat Alexandra Stan for daring to ask for money. The aggressor apparently lost his temper and hit her with his fists and feet until she ended up with a seriously disfigured face in a hospital from her home city of Constanta.

Prodan tried to cover up the outraging incident, posting on Alexandra Stan’s Facebook page that she suffered a car accident.

“Alexandra Stan has been involved in an accident. She is recovering. More info to come. Alexandra Stan management”, was the message posted on the singer’s official Facebook page.

However, Stan denied the accident allegations and revealed the truth on Monday saying that everything is just a lie and in fact she was severely beaten by her manager.

“Everything is a lie as I had no car accident. The previous message was invented by my manager, who beat me to put me in the hospital. I want to let everyone know that I endured his horrible behavior for about a year, but I can not anymore! The accident was just his excuse to justify my absence from the concert,” said Alexandra Stan.



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  1. such bitches who dont know their place deserve it.. asking money..haha..cmon

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