Oct 292013

The amazing moment of a soul separating from the body has reportedly been captured by a Russian researcher.

soul leaving body

Disembodiment moment when spirit leaves body snapped by gas discharge technique (realitatea.net)

The Russian scientist claims to have achieved the impossible by photographing a soul that leaves the body of a dying person. Konstantin Korotkov observed the event by ​​means of a special shooting method: he made use of a bioelectrography camera which images an object by a gas discharge technique.

Korotkov’s method is similar to Kirlian photography which captures the “life energy” of a human. It seems that during the death instance, the “soul”, which is shown in the pictures by a blue color, leaves the head first, and finally the heart.

One hypothesis suggested by scientist, says that in the case of people who experienced a violent passing, the soul returns to the body a few days after the death under the form of vital energy because there is a “surplus” energy that was not used.

Video: Soul splitting from body photographed by Korotkov bioelectrography camera



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