Jan 222014

Aspen aviation tragedy footage released. The impact captured by the infrared CCTV cameras (scroll down for video).

Aspen authorities have released a video showing the moment when a Challenger CL-600 airplane crashed while landing at Pitkin County Airport. In the images the aircraft is seen hitting the ground, then catching fire. The flight originated in Mexico and carried 3 Mexican people on board.

Pilot Sergio Emilio Carranza Brabata died in the tragic incident. The other two passengers of the private aircraft, also pilots, suffered very serious injuries, according to the New York Daily News

On 5 January 2014, a Challenger CL-600 aircraft crashed during the landing maneuvers at the airport in Aspen, the famed Colorado ski resort.

“There has been an plane accident in Aspen. The aircraft is apparently a Challenger 600 coming from Tucson (Arizona). It crashed when trying to land,” said at that time Allen Kenitzer, a spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration.

Video: Small Challenger jet crashes while landing in Aspen, Colorado

Private jet explodes on impact in Aspen, Colo.

Aspen plane crash

Seconds before a Challenger plane crash landed at Aspen airport on Jan, 5 2014 (Aspen Journalism via Vimeo)



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