Nov 182014

KLAUS IOHANNIS achieved an outstanding performance by winning the presidential elections in Romania last Sunday when probably no one, apart from the diaspora, no longer gave him a chance. To remind that Iohannis came back from a 10% deficit in the first round to win the runoff vote by 10% ahead of his opponent and current PM Victor Ponta. But now the new Romanian president has become even more famous as he managed a record-breaking success on the social website Facebook which, many say, actually paved his way to presidency (scroll down for images).

Klaus Iohannis

Klaus Iohannis, the newly elected president of Romania (public domain)

Klaus Iohannis is not only most popular politician in the country, but also in Europe after his Facebook page revealed 1,000,000 likes a few hours ago.

Tuesday morning, the social page of the newly elected President Klaus Iohannis counted 1 million likes. Iohannis uploaded another “cover photo” while the page “motto” changed from “We won! We’ve taken our country back!” into “let’s get to work!”

Facebook user “Rally Drifter” posted a message that provides more details about Iohannis performance: “Klaus Johannis has just become the first European politician to reach 1 million likes on Facebook. According to fanpagelist, he is in Top 15 among world’s politicians and in Top 3 among non-american politicians. He surpassed all European political figures such as: Angela Merkel (898,444 likes), Nicolas Sarkozy ( 992,609 ), Francois Hollande ( 516,967 ), David Cameron, Sivio Berlusconi, Jean-claude Juncker, Jose Manuel Barroso , Tony Blair etc. and is even ahead of the US officials John McCain and Joe Biden… At the beginning of the campaign Klaus Iohannis had some tens of thousands of likes, but Tuesday morning (18/11/2014) he exceeded the one million threshold ahead of Sarkozy and thus becoming, as earlier mentioned, the first European politician with 1 million Facebook likes”.

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On Sunday, shortly after the vote closing and victory announcement, Iohannis page had 871,000 likes. It was amazing the fact that Monday evening, just less than 24 hours later, the FB page of the future Romanian president showed 994,088 likes and it was needed some 12 hours more to claim the “one million prize“.

Until recently, the undisputed leader on the social networking site was “Herr” Victor Ponta , but he was already left behind with “only” 717,400 fans.

World’s leading political figure in terms of Facebook likes is the United States President Barack Obama who has been liked more than 43,5 million times so far.

Klaus Iohannis Facebook

Iohannis Facebook page Sunday evening after the win of Romanian presidential elections

Romanian president iohannis facebook

Romanian president’s page Monday evening

Klaus Iohannis Facebook Page likes

1 million likes milestone: Klaus Iohannis Facebook page Tuesday morning

Klaus Iohannis Statement

Romanian President makes official statement after overwhelming social support

VIDEO: CCR officially confirms Iohannis as Romania’s President (21.Nov.2014)



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  1. The Italian politician Beppe Grillo has more than 1.700.000 likes on facebook, I think he reached 1 million in 2012…

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  4. […] Marţi dimineaţă Klaus Iohannis a atins un milion de fani pe Facebook, depăşindu-i pe Angela Merkel (898,444 likes), Nicolas Sarkozy ( 992,609 ), Francois Hollande ( 516,967 ), David Cameron, Sivio Berlusconi, Jean-claude Juncker, Jose Manuel Barroso , Tony Blair etc conform foxcrawl […]

  5. felicitari. Ma bucur sa nu ma mai aim to minoritate. Avem si noi voci

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  7. […] lucru nu a trecut neobservat. Chiar şi site-urile din străinătate au remarcat că Iohannis este primul politician din Europa care a trecut de pragul celor un milion de fani, depăşindu-i pe Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy, […]

  8. Un idiot sibian care duce Romania in pragul razboiului civil alaturi de armata USR a lui Soros.

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