Sep 162016

Mark Zuckerberg is currently facing a strange situation as he may have to remove the official Facebook page of the Republican candidate for the White House, Donald Trump, after he lost a challenge proposed by an internet surfer.

Specifically, it appears that a Facebook fan from the UK, Callan Brown, wrote to Mark Zuckerberg asking him how many likes, shares and comments would his post need in order to see the Facebook page of the American billionaire erased.

Mark Zuckerberg challenged by Callan Brown over Donald Trump page removal

Mark Zuckerberg challenged by Callan Brown over Donald Trump page removal

“Hi Mark. I doubt you will take this seriously or even reply. But how many likes would it take for you to remove Donald Trump from Facebook? I will screenshot and post”, wrote Mr. Brown.

To his surprise, the co-founder of world’s largest social network responded, telling him that if he collects 500,000 likes, 50,000 comments and 20,000 share, then his plea will be accomplished.

“Hey Callan, that is a pretty strong request that you’ve asked. But I will give you this chance. You’ll have to get 500k likes, 50k comments and 20k shares. – Mark”.

Well, meanwhile Brown’s message was constantly posted and shared and it appears that the tough conditions were met, but now it remains to see Zuckerberg’s reaction: will he delete Trump’s Facebook account or not?



  2 Responses to “Should Donald Trump’s Facebook Page Be Deleted After Mark Zuckerberg Lost Crazy Bet?”

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  2. NO No No Do Not removed Our President from Facebook. You will be shooting yourself in the foot. Don’t be bought by the other side…you don’t need their blood money..Anyone can look at both sides of what is happening in America…If your a genuine american.. What Donald Trump is trying to do is keep us free. He is not trying to hurt America…How hard is that to understand. Look …if the other side could run the USA…I am not sure where that would put you..think about it…I’m not saying to be obvious of which side your on, just saying.. BE FAIR. Money is not made to buy people…I don’t think fake news is fixable…people will have to figure that out on their own. its human nature to believe the worst in people..that’s just the way it is or to believe the best. You can block accounts if it gets totally out of hand. set it up so it can be reported to your business. I am rambling, hope this makes sense..I’ve been living on earth for over 70 yrs…Things are changing and should change, but lets stay free…

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