Feb 192017

A woman from The Netherlands looks forward to seeing again her cat which ran away from home six months ago.

cat pepper

Brave cat roaming across Europe from Holland to Austria (pic: independent.md)

Mischievous cat Pepper wandered across Europe before arriving in Austria, some 950 kilometers from her Dutch home. She was discover in Aschbach-Markt, a village west of Vienna, said Austrian state-run television ORF cited by AP.

The man who found her thought she was a stray cat and took her to the local veterinary office. After a detailed inspection of Pepper, veterinarian Katharina Zoechling discovered a microchip which allowed her to track cat’s origin to Holland.

The Dutch owner intends to schedule soon a trip to Austria to reunite with her runaway feline.

It will never be known exactly how the kitten made it in Austria, but it is widely suspected that she “travelled” by using a mean of transportation such as the back of a truck.



  One Response to “Dutch Cat Pepper Wanders Across Europe Reaching Austria”

  1.  Hi,

    We in the Netherlands have heard the beautiful story of the famous cat Pepper who’s traveld 950 miles from the Netherlands to Austria, unfortunately the story become less beautiful.
    Pepper is seriously ill and the treatment costs 350 EUR per day. The owner can no longer pay the price with the consequence that the treatment maybe stopped.

    After hearing this story started I and a friend of mine a crowdfunding. Would you guys share this also in the media so that we can all save Pepper?


    thank you verry much on behalf of Pepper


    Susan Verstappen and Arjan Maas

    Founder crowdfunding

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